It's Friday again. Cant believe it! This week has been pretty average. Nothing much has happened except my inability to sleep. I think I've had about 8-10 hours all week and i'm starting to question my sanity! Last night I came home to Southport and managed to sleep for a solid 12 hours (I know right!) So today, while still really tired, i'm not seeing things and I don't feel the over-tired-giddy that you get with sleep deprivation. I'm quite looking forward to the weekend. Coffee with friends, films, cozy couch time with a book and cuppa tea and hopefully some snow!!

28/01/12 - DC and Marvel year by year chronologies. Win!
29/01/12 - This little sir has killed me this week...he is just too cute
30/01/12 - Lazing on the bean bags...sooo comfy
31/01/12 - My best friend being SOO funny and scaring me to death!!
01/02/12 - Sat at the computer all day, drinking copious amounts of coke
02/02/12 - Deer skull and make up...(new post coming soon!)
03/02/12 - It's so cold today that I had to break out the thermals!

Hope you all had a good week and have a great weekend. Got any special plans or just hunkering down in this chilly weather?

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