Hi. My name is Holly and I'm a Hoarder.

Today was a sad day for me, you book worms out there will feel my pain...boxing up books. It should be illegal!

After weeks of dad trying to get me to see reason, I finally gave in and accepted that I needed to make room in my new room and box up some books and stuff. It's been hard but I did it and I actually feel pretty good about it! I'm a hoarder. I keep...EVERYTHING! I try tell myself I'm not. But I am. I have silly amounts of useless stuff that 'might come in handy one day.' It was getting a little ridiculous and I needed to make room for stuff that I need and just to de-clutter in general. So half my books got packed away to put in the loft (until I get my own place at least) and I filled nearly 4 bin bags full of crap. My room is still cluttered but I like it that way...just now its clutter that means something to me.

Whilst looking through piles of stuff and decided what to chuck I came up with a name for my kind of hoarding. Memory Hoarder. I have no idea if its a real thing but I thought it sounded cool. Most of the things I keep have memories attached to them and I find it hard to let go of them. I think I'm a little scared of forgetting things so I try and keep things to remind me. My system for throwing things out was 1) What is it? 2) Do I need it? 3) Can I remember what the memory was? Half the stuff I couldn't remember so it just went in the bin. Obviously can't have been that important! I feel so much lighter now its crazy! Obviously being surrounded by junk was affecting my mood, I was starting to feel a little swamped. The only problem is, what do I do when I move my stuff from Uni back home?!

My room is finally looking like I want it too, and hopefully by next weekend it will be all done and dusted. I've been saying that since December but I WILL have it finished! Need to take a trip to the skip...sooooo many bin bags!!

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  1. I'm totally the same way. Anything with any sentimental/memory value whatsoever is so hard to throw away! Good job on the de-cluttering, I need to do that too soon!



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