Fire Flower

Yesterday me and Stevie-pops had a paper burning party in the garden. It was really cold and crisp but the warmth of the fire was lovely. I love stocking up old papers and things that need shredding and just having a bonfire in the garden. Much more fun than putting things threw the shredder. I grabbed my camera and took like 60 pictures. I love fire and I think it makes beautiful pictures. I love trying to find shapes and things in the flames. When you see a face its like the flames are alive! I even made a GIF! I've never made one before, I'm quite proud of my self :) I also did another page in my scrap/collage book. I've decided to stick all my memories in it that I've collected over the years, so I don't have to throw them away and there all stored away in a creative, fun, non cluttered way :)

Off to see the new Muppets film tonight! Can't wait! I'm such a kid its unreal but who doesn't love the muppets?! Animal is definitely my favourite, hes just so cool...and Beaker, gotta love him too! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. these are really pretty darling looks like you had fun!
    XX Ilana
    My Modern Vintage


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