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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day so far? Apart from the little confusion on dates on Monday, this week is turning out to be a good one :) Yesterday I slept in late and had a lazy day. And no, I didn't finish my room, BUT it will be finished by the end of this week!! I't has to be because that's when I go back to Uni. When I finally got up me and Stevie-pops went for a lovely walk round the park. It was really really cold. All the ice in the pond had frozen over and there was a bit of frost on the ground. I think our winter is finally settling in and there's probably going to be snow soon, I can feel it in the air!

These are my first pictures I've taken with my new lens!! It's great and works perfectly :) Some of the pictures look a little blurred but I think that's just the lighting. I've been trying to find a good place to take outfit posts while the weather is a little chilly, I might just have to man up and brave the cold. brrrr. I love this outfit. The top is one of my favourite items of clothing. I love wolves but the style of the top isn't one I can easily style. It's baggy and cropped so It's not flattering at all for my body shape but then my Nana bought me this skirt the other day, so I just tried them together just to see and they go really well! Well done Nan! It will be nice to wear without a cardigan in the summer because the sleeves are a weird shape and don't fit in the arms of jumpers! I'm glad to tell you all that I dyed my hair red again last night!! No more hideous roots, but I will miss my peachy/orange colour. I was looking through old pictures the other day trying to sort out my computer and I just love the colour my hair was here and here. I think next time it washes out I'm gonna try get those colours again.

Today me and Hollie are on a day trip to York! Taking my camera so I'm sure I'll have lots to show you, also I watched Never Let Me Go the other night so watch out for that review sometime this week...It was a brilliant film! I hope you all have a great Wednesday! Much love

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  1. That outfit looks great! :)
    The lens seems pretty awesome, good job. I can't wait to see the ones from your trip!


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