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I Need You!

That's right. I need your help. I have just started my last semester at university and am starting my final degree show project. My chosen subject is 'Phobias'. I am interested in the effects phobias have on people and how we deal with them in our daily lives, or don't deal with them. I am interested in the 'real' phobias that people don't necessarily tell people about, or maybe try to forget and deny there existence, not the mundane phobias that people can live with. 

For example. My mundane phobia is cockroaches and clowns. I am terrified of them but If I was put in a room with clowns and cockroaches, sure I would scream and probably cry, but I would get over it and be fine.
My real phobia not existing. When I think that one day I wont exist and the world will carry on with out me. My heart starts to beat fast, I loose my hearing and an overwhelming sense of fear engulfs me, I can't breath and I start to have panic attacks.
So I choose not to think about it, and when I do I quickly think of something else to distract me. Where I can laugh off to others that I'm scared of clowns, not existing is something I cant find the funny side of and before telling the whole blogesphere only 1 other person knew of this fear.

I understand that some people's 'real' phobia might be spiders or clowns (which is fine) but I am asking people to look deep down and see what really truly frightens them. I know I'm asking to make people quite uncomfortable in digging up these horrible thoughts but for my project to work I need people to be honest in their submissions. 
I promise that all submissions will be anonymous and when my final show goes up no one will know who or where the phobias came from. 

If you feel comfortable enough to take part I would be forever great full. Here's how to submit:
Think of your 'real' phobia, and you can either write down your phobia with a little story on why and how. You can draw a picture, take a photo, make a collage with a description or you can make a video of your phobia explaining what it is or a short film of your depiction of it. 
  • Visit my tumblr Holly Woosey Art and submit your story, picture or video 
  • Send me and email and littlelolly90@hotmail.co.uk with your story, picture or video
  • Send me a letter to: Flat 53B, IQKopa, 130 Moor Lane, Preston, PR1 1LR with your story or picture
You can enter as many times as you like, as I realise many people have more than one phobia, just make sure each one is entered separately.

I need as many people as I can so over the next few months I'll be really pushing this on the blog. Sorry for you regulars that might get annoyed but please bare with me as this means a lot to me and I really need a good mark for my degree. Thanks everyone!

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