This week I finally watched the movie documentary Senna. I love Formula 1 and I follow it every season and have done ever since I can remember. I had heard of Senna, but I didn't know much about him or what happened to him or anything but I still really wanted to watch it. It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It goes through his life from when he started Go-Karting all the way until his crash and tragically his death in 94. The interviews and the footage were captivating and you got a real sense of who he was and how he thought. I cried at the end because it was such a tragedy to loose such a fantastic guy and a racing hero. He won the Formula One World Championship three times and was one of the best racing drivers to have lived. It was so fascinating learn about the history of a sport that I love, and to get a peak behind the scenes of the FIA. I wont go on a rant about the crash and the events leading up to it, you'll have to watch the film if you want to know, but I have a new found respect for the rules now in place in Formula 1, because of these there has not been another death since, but the I feel quite sick when I think of how it all came about. The film was spectacular and even if you're not into racing you should give this a watch, he deserves to be remembered.

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