Room Tour: Art/Craft Area

My room is finally almost very nearly ready!! All the furniture is in now just need to put some final things in there new homes and have a major tidy up :) So excited to finally be able to sleep in a proper bed instead of on the sofa! My desk is done though, the most important part, so here are some photos of my art/craft desk as I cant wait anymore to show you all :) I'm so impatient!! It's in the only place we could squish it in and to give you some idea of scale...The inspiration book is A4! It's a tiny desk! It will have my sewing machine on it when it comes back from uni but to be honest it could be postage stamp size and I'd just be happy to finally have somewhere that's my own place to draw and craft when ever I want :) I need to make it all arty farty and an inspirational place to work so when all the pictures are on the wall and the decorations are up and things like that I'll do an update :)

1. Some lovely flowers to make the place pretty//2. A little stack of knitted squares. I keep making them but not doing anything with them...maybe a blanket when I have hundreds of them?!//3. Emergency sketch pad//4. Pencil case//5. The best pencils EVER!//6. An old book to rip pages out of, don't want to ruin any of my own!//7. Sticky notes for, well, notes//8. My new inspiration book and material to back it//9. My favourite piece of art by my friend which he kindly gave me//10. Some half finished embroidery projcts//11. scrap material and discarded project.

I started my Inspiration book today and I have just finished the front inside page :) It's very basic as I've never really done anything like this, but I had so much fun and I think I like how it turned out?! The quote is my thing to live by for this year, I wrote a post about it here, so I thought it fitting for it to be the first page in my 2012 Inspiration book :) I can't wait to do more and get better and better. Also back the book in some pretty fabric because I'm not loving the black...It's supposed to be inspirational and I'm affraid black just doesn't do it for me....YELLOW!!

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