A Non Outfit Post

The other day I wore two brand new outfits and didn't get a picture of either of them! I tried out my new blouse and I think I looked okay, but am not completely sold on it yet. I think I'll have to try it a few other ways first. I had planned on taking some photos when I got in from town but I was out later than planned and It was my friends birthday meal which I got the time wrong so I lost an hour! So I got changed and got ready super fast (20 minutes! That's gotta be some kinda record?!) Didn't have any time to take photos of that either (wore my new dress from yesterdays post) and I forgot my camera so no photos from the meal either! So this is a Non Outfit Post, I suppose it gives me an excuse, not that I need one, to wear the outfits again. These two photos are the only ones I have. The scarf was a Christmas present from one of my best friends. It's vintage and I love it!!

This weekend I have been loving this Gif. It is absolutely adorable!! It makes me all warm on the inside and I wish my little kitty did cute things like that instead of trying to scratch me. I cant stop watching it! Naaaaw! I'm back at Preston now and even though I'm going to miss home and my lovey new room, I'm a little excited to get back into the swing of things. I know I complain a lot about Uni (if not on here, certainly in real life!) and I cant wait for it to be over, I do always look forward to the start of a new semester...until I get bored again anyway!!

The other day I bought a diary and I'm going to start a inspiration/blog ideas/planning book. I was reading this post by Elsie and I loved how she planned everything and kept everything organized. Seeing as this little blog is starting to get somewhere (more than I ever expected, thanks to you!) and soon I'm hopefully gonna finally get my shop sorted. I decided it was time to get organised and keep everything in one place. Lets see how long this will last. Day 1...

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