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Please excuse the hideous bitten nails, but I just had to post this devastatingly tacky nail polish job that I did this afternoon. I bought some new varnish and as usual I couldn't wait to try them out. I used the brilliant red (2 coats) and then over the top the silver glittery one (one coat) in case you want to try it...hope it looks better than mine :P

Today was town day with Nana and this is what I wore. It was that funny weather where its a bit drizzly but not that cold so jeans, lumberjack shirt and my lovely cozy Christmas body warmer. I'm not that keen on jeans usually but in this cold weather and for just walking round town, jeans are just so much easier! One of the things for this year is to make more of an effort every day with my wardrobe, it makes me feel good to look good so the logical thing is, to look good :P I love my lumberjack shirt! I got it in the sale for more than half price, bargain! I do rather like this outfit, its cozy and warm and I feel quite 'cool' in it haha. The scarf was a new buy, today actually. In the sales for £5 was another bargain and it's so warm and soft. Helps that its in my two favourite colours as well!

Tomorrow is a trip to Liverpool with Nana to look for dresses for the wedding (no luck today) and were going to see The Artists, so look out for a review this week. I'm really excited to see it because its set in the era that I should of been born in :P In the evening its girly night with mum which will be nice. This week is turning out to be a good one, hope it is for you too!


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