Look Who I Found

Aaaargh its Monday already! Can't believe there's only one day of January left!! I've had a really good start the year, I hope you all have too. This week on 'Look Who I Found' I've got three lovely ladies who I've recently found in the blogesphere.

First up is...

Amanda from Little Tranquility. She's a fairly new blogger and her lovely little blog is just so cute! I love to scroll through her past posts and look at all the inspirational photos and bits that she posts. She is a book lover, like myself, and I loved her There Is No Friend As Loyal As A Book  post where she shared her 5 favourite books. I love reading about other peoples book interest's, gives me ideas of books to read that I might not usually have thought of.

Second is...

Lindsay from  Daily Doily. I have no idea how I came across this little blog but I suspect it was the name. Daily Doily is a life style blog where Lindsay shares her daily life with all of us lucky readers. She also is a fantastic painter and I love her artworks. The bright paint and the beautiful shapes that she uses are so lovely. I would love to own a piece and hang it on my wall :)

Third is...

Amy from A is for Ampersand. I just love her style, its just fantastic! She is a thrifting queen and her $5 Thrifty Thurs feature is great. The things that she finds are so cool and makes the thrifting in England look awful. Which it is! Her mini adventures in her Westfalia Vanagon campervan, are so lovely to read. It makes me want to make my dream of campervaning across America come true!

I hope you visit each of these lovely ladies because there all just a little bit of lovely :)

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