Library Time

Dirty Dancing was amazing! It was such a fun night I had a blast :D We went out for dinner at the Cornerhouse Gallery before hand then went to see the show at the Palace Theater. I actually cried :S You know the bit where he says 'nobody puts baby in the corner' well everyone cheered and screamed and me being the sad sap that I am actually spilled a few tears!! I managed to hide it so no one saw but jeez I need to get my tear ducts removed or something, I cry way too much!It was so fantastic and really really funny. We had those cool little binoculars too because we were quite far away, so it was quite a novelty :D I think we are planning a trip to London in March so were planning to see a show then too, if not it will be Phantom of the Opera in May :) I think this a new tradition for me and mum!

This week I might be off the radar a little. I'm back at uni for a week to write my essay to hand in on Monday! I'm all alone in the flat which is a little weird but I've stocked up on new DVDs to keep me company :) I just hope the tower block doesn't blow over in the wind!! It is seriously blowing a gale, my windows are rattling! So I'll be mostly in the library trying to do my essay as fast as I can. I'll probably be seen around twitter trying to distract myself and keep myself sane, so if your interested check it out.

Hopefully I'll have it all finished by Friday because I'm moving rooms!! Not as exciting as moving house but I'm supper excited! My old room at home was getting way too small. I was having to stack things up in piles because there was no storage for new stuff, so we've decided to move me down stairs into the second living room. It's much bigger and I can have a space for a little craft space so I can finally start up my shop idea :) I'm supper stoked and cant wait to move everything and find new homes for everything this weekend :) As soon as I get it all sorted I'll be sure to share it with you. If anyone has any tips or ideas on how to decorate a room without tacking anything to the walls or painting that would be great! It has cream walls and it need spicing up a little.

I'll try pop in and do a post at some point but I cant promise anything! Have great weeks back at work, school, whatever and keep on smiling :)

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