Let It Rain

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Today I got caught in a rain shower. And it quite literally was a shower. In a few seconds of being outside I was drenched through and freezing cold. I grumbled and moaned to myself about the silly English weather and how it seemed to rain so often in Preston. Hood pulled up, head bent over and a frown line that reached my chin I headed home, to my not so warm flat. After a brew and some yummy oat cookies I got a lift home home with mum and it rained and we complained about it on the way, *Insert standard English conversation about the weather here*. It wasn't until later that night, when I was talking to a friend about dancing in the rain, that I remembered that I love the rain. I know, I know, that sounds like a totally stupid thing to forget, but I did. I'm a hopeless romantic at the best of times but if I watch a film where the two leads, kiss, dance, fight (anything) in the rain, my heart skips a beat and I just turn into a mushy pile of goo-eyed girlness. Rain to me is so beautiful and romantic. In the summer I love to just stand in the rain with my arms stretched wide, my face pointing towards the sky with no shoes on. When ever I think of something romantic happening to me, its always in the rain. I always imagine having a fight with my boyfriend...in the rain, or coming back from a long time apart and running up to him...in the rain, being proposed to...in the rain (first I need a guy, that would be a start) Being asked out...in the rain! All my favourite movie scenes are set when its pouring down and the actors cant open their eyes for the amount of water cascading down their faces. My favourite songs usually have some reference to rain or the videos do at least. The best bits in books usually happen in the rain. If I got married and it rained, obviously I would be bummed about getting the dress wet, but I would be out there like a shot dragging my hubby out for a smooch (extra dress and makeup on standby of course).

So I suppose its a bit silly of me to forget I love the rain so much. I think probably because it's winter and the rain is so cold at the moment. It's hard to hold out your arms and smile at the clouds when your about to get hypothermia. And carrying my sketch pads from flat to studio is a right pain in the butt when its pouring down. Also I've been sorta busy and stressed lately with the thought of my last semester at Uni looming over me and the realization that pretty soon I'll be out the safety of education and in the 'real world' eeeek! But it also made me kinda sad that I could forget such a beautiful thing and something that has always been my 'romantic thing'. I could never forget the rain totally. It buckets down more often than not, which has never really bothered me that much before. I used to go on 'rain walks' with my best friend all the time. We would just meet up on top of the hill near my house and just walk and talk and splash in puddles.

So here's to hoping that I never forget to love the rain. Sure I may groan and mumble at it when I'm having a good hair day, or wearing a particularly cute dress, but I never again want to forget what It means to my heart. And hopefully one day something special will happen in a rain shower :)

P.S does anyone has any recommendations of films, book or whatever with cool rain scenes?

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