Eleanor's Secret

Today has been such a great day. I finished my essay this morning at 10am! So glad its over, it was so crazy stressful. Today I just sat around in my pj's...all day. I watched a few films, one of them being Eleanor's Secret. I the first few minuets of it the other day so recorded it for when I had time. It was a brilliant film! It's about this cute little family (above) who go to their granny's seaside house after she passed away. She left things for the two children. The boy being left 'The Secret Room.' A room filled with magical books who's characters come to life. The little boy has been left in charge of these cute magical creatures but there's one problem, he can't read. He sets off on an a coming of age/learning to read adventure over coming self doubt and all that jazz. It's a beautifully artistic film that really blew me away. The art and concept of this film is just mind blowing, Rebecca Dautremer has done a fantastic job as art director and the music by Christophe Heral is just beautifully haunting.

I am completely blown away by this way film and if you have little kiddies that are learning to read or just want a lovely feel good adventure too snuggle up on the sofa with a nice hot cuppa, this is the film for you. Absolute brilliance.

Tomorrow is dress shopping for Pop's and Sarah's wedding (finally picked a colour theme!), lunch with Nana and hopefully finishing off moving all my stuff into my new room! This week (or next week) I'll do a little 'New Room' feature or something :) Hope you all had a good Monday and have a good Tuesday!

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