Custard Kitty

You know when you do something and you think you look really cute and everything's fine then you look back and it really wasn't? Well this was one of those times. I mean...look at that mouth, what is it doing?! In my head I was pulling a really cute awkward smile. Evidently not. Obviously something I have to work on. The next few days you will find me glued to the mirror practicing smiling!

This outfit is a real mash of my clothes that don't go with anything, so I just thought I'd put them together and see what happened. The skirt is years old! I think my Nan gave it to me because she never wore it and I was always stealing it off her. She also got me the top for Christmas. It's about two sizes too small as its supposed to be one of those dress/top things where its longer in the back than the front but it comes to just above my belly button!! I was having a real hard time figuring out what to wear it with as I hate t-shirts that don't reach past my butt, but I had the genius idea of wearing a high wasted skirt, and hey presto...no not-past-the-butt issues! I cut my fringe after I took these photos and looking back I kinda wish I hadn't! It's not that different, I just trimmed it because it was poking me in the eyes, but I have been trying to get my hair to do this for years and I finally do it and then I go cut it away...silly me.

I think this is my new outfit post area. It's just outside my new room and I just love the lighting here, and its only a small space so its not as daunting! Once the gym equipment and the coats are gone it'll look a lot better. At least while its still cold and wet outside. I love my new red hair!! No more nasty roots and I feel like me again :) And I'm loving red and yellow together so I'm off to buy some yellow things! Much love


  1. You look great, that shirt is so cute!
    I always find myself deleting photos of myself because my smile just looks odd and creepy, haha. It's something I'm working on, though!

  2. That t-shirt rocks my socks...I love it...seriously adorable the way you styled it!!!! Xo Lori


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