Creative Spotlight Vol 4: Ilana from My Modern Vintage

Hey ya'll! Welcome to another edition on Creative Spotlight. This time round I am pleased to introduce to you Ilana from My Modern Vintage I love her blog and Etsy shop and I think you will too! I've been waiting for my loan to come through so I can buy the Wings Necklace. It's so adorable and reminds me of The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare. The main character has a clock work angel necklace and I always imagined it to look like this! So here is a little about her and what makes her tick :) Take it away Ilana!

My name is Ilana Well here is a little bit about me...

I like cold weather even though we don't get much here is Australia. I am a typical Pisces but sometimes feel I have a little Capricorn in me too. I get angry easily and like a good argument but wear my heart on my sleeve at the same time.

My favourite colour is green- everything about green makes me happy. I think of rain forests filled with amazing wild life, Christmas trees, grass, my cat's eyes, the patchwork quilt I got when I was 12, lime cordial and the ocean.

I am a vegetarian (mostly) and I love animals. I would pretty much do anything for my two pets Phoebe (dog aged 11) and Bella (cat aged 3).

I am studying law and journalism but I really can't stand law. I am taking a break from Law to finish my Journalism degree this year (2012). I love to write it is my number one passion besides my love for vintage.

I also run a vintage fashion and steampunk handmade jewellery shop which you can find here

I love making old things into something new and funky hence my new-found love for steampunk jewellery.

If you love Ilana as much as I do go check her out, she would be so happy you stopped by :)

P.S If you're interested in featuring in a Creative Spotlight just email me at littlelolly90@hotmail.co.uk I'd love to see what makes you creative!

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