Book Review: Clockwork Prince

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Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite authors. Her series The Mortal Instruments captivated me from the very beginning. It was originally going to be a trilogy but a last year she announced there would be three more in the Mortal Instruments series and 3 prequels (fan girl squeal!) This is the second in the Infernal Devices prequels. I have to admit that It was hard to get into the prequels because, well they weren't the characters I had come to love in the first series, so it was hard to start from scratch. The first book, Clockwork Angel, was good and I enjoyed it but there was something missing and I kind of gave up hope on the prequels and thought I'd just stick with the original series. Boy am I glad I didn't! This book was so good and gave me everything that I had missed in the first book. If you've read them and felt the same way I beg you to read this, it will not disappoint!

I really couldn't put it down and I just had to know what happened and whats going to happen! (cant wait for the next book!) If your familiar with the story please feel free to skip ahead but for those of you who aren't the story follows the lives of the Nephilim (half human half angel) of London and there quest to catch the dangerous mysterious Mortmain who is hell bent to wiping out the Nephilm for ever. Caught up in it all is Tessa Gray, she has the ability to shape shift but no one knows exactly who or what she is. After loosing her parents, aunt and being betrayed by her brother she found a new family with the Nephilim. Things are complicated enough but she has to go and fall for two guys at the same time, the hard, nasty Will and the soft, gentle Jem. Basically its the same as any teen story with love, heart break and a bit of teen angst but my goodness she pulls it off spectacularly. The way Clare rights is just so involved with the characters I can feel every thing they feel. Maybe its because I have been reading them for so long and they are my most read books on my bookshelf but I just cant help but fall in love with the characters every time I turn the page. In Clockwork Angel I loved Will, he was hard and callous but he was hiding something and you just wanted him to break and let go. In Clockwork Prince Jem is the star. He is so adorable and made me sigh a few times, he's just lovely and I can't wait to read what happens to them in the last book. Not giving anything away but the end of Clockwork Prince is a gut wrencher if I ever did read one...I could of ripped the page out!!

Todays library stint didn't go so well :/ I got there and got all my books I needed and sat at the laptop, then realised that the stuff I needed to start was on power point, which I don't have! So going home tonight to use the home computer then coming back tomorrow... HASSLE! The song above hasn't anything to do with anything, it was just what kept me sane in the library, I do like it rather alot :)

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