The Artist

Yesterday I went to see The Artist and it was brilliant. I absolutely love that era. The 20's-30's are just a fantastic time, with the fashion, the music, the cinema. I was totally born in the wrong decade! This film just took me to where I wanted to be and I really felt part of something. It was such a surreal experience to be sat in a modern day cinema, surrounded by modern day people, watching a silent film. In silence. In 2012. Weird. It was fantastic though. The main actor, Jean Dujardin, was amazing. His dazzling smile and lovely eyes had me and Nana swooning in our seats. They really don't make them like that anymore, and its a real shame. If you liked Singing in the Rain, you'll love The Artist because its basically the same story, but its timeless and it totally worked. I loved that you had to wait for the subtitles to pop up on the screen and I my lip reading skills were tested to the max...I like to think I understood most of it :) The little dog, Uggie, that everyone has been raving about was so cute! He didn't do as much as everyone made out he did, but if there's an animal on screen, guaranteed ill be 'awww'ing. So yeh, top marks for this film, I kinda hope they do more like this but that might take away how special this felt, so for now i'll just have this on repeat...maybe pausing it when he smiles at the camera :P Oh and at the end you hear him talk...you have to see it for just that bit, that man has a seriously sexy voice!

Here is my good friend Tim's The Artist Review. This is what made me want to see it so badly. And while your there check out his other movie reviews and such, he's a crackin writer :) Much Love

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  1. Weird, I JUST watched the trailer for this today! It's playing at a theatre near my house and I was thinking about checking it out.



  2. You should definitely watch it, it's so good! xx


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