My 12 things of christmas

It's no secret. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! So it seemed only fitting that I share my 12 favourite things about Christmas (in no particular order) 

No 1: Being with family. This is a big one for me, Christmas has always been about family, and lots of it. I can't imagine doing it without them. It's dwindled off over time as people have moved away and have had other commitments, but that idea of spending Christmas together is buried so deep within me, I wouldn't want to spend it any other way than sitting around the table with my best friends.

No 2: Reading by Christmas Tree lights. Magical.

No 3: Decorating. Best thing ever! I know I'm sounding like a broken record but this is just the one thing I look forward to every year. I love to go pick out a tree, haul out the decorations buried beneath a years worth of crap and just go nuts! I have to admit I have a hard time putting things away and one year they will just stay up all year! 

No 4: Watching Christmas Movies. I would watch them all year if I could (and sometimes I do!) One of my favourite ever films is a Christmas film and this year my mum made it extra special by taking me to see 'It's A Wonderful Life' at the Cornerhouse Theater in Manchester. It was simply amazing. To see that film on the big screen like they would of back in the day was like a dream come true. It was beautiful and it was like watching it for the first time again. I can't wait till next year, were going to make in into a tradition!

No 5: Getting snuggly by the fire. This is more of a dream I have than an actual thing we do. I don't have an open fire but I would love one in my house and then I can spend cold winter nights wrapped in a blanket sipping hot chocolate reading or watching Christmas movies. That would be my Christmas wish.

No 6: Giving presents. I cant wait to give my presents away! Especially when I know that the receiver will be so great-full. The look on their face is all I need to make my Christmas perfect.

No 7: Shopping on Christmas Eve. I know most people hate hate hate this. But I love it. I love to go into town and stroll around seeing if I can snap up a few last minute gifts and watch the last minute shoppers run frantically from store to store. I love the feeling in the air on Christmas Eve. Excitement and butterflies in your belly! 

No 8: The smell of pine needles. I like to stick my face in the tree when no one is looking and take a deep breath. Heaven.

No 9: Cooking and Baking. Baking is a must at Christmas. Cookies, gingerbread, cake, you name it! Unfortunately I've been so busy at work this year I've not had much time to bake but today I finish early and I plan to bake my night away and then eat all the yummy treats!

No 10: Walking in the woods. I do love a good winter stroll. We used to go up to my Grandparents and walk through the hills at Christmas and some of those memories are the happiest I have. The whole family together, bundled in layer upon layer of clothing, hats and gloves, sledging down the snowy slopes, Snow ball fights, tracking rabbit footprints in the snow.

No 11 & 12: The first frost/Seeing my breath. Waking up in the morning and looking out your window to see all the cars and roofs glistening in the sunshine. Magical. It's like the world has been covered in diamonds and the world shines for all to see. I cant even begin to describe that feeling I get when I see that sight. I feel like the world is holding its breath, waiting for me to take mine...

....and then I do and it puffs up in front of me and dances away, and then I can hear everything, even the frost has a sound, and I love it!


By Christmas tree light

Last week I decorated my mothers Christmas tree!! Anyone who knows me, knows that this is something I love to do. The last few years, I've been busy when the trees have gone up and Dad and Sarah aren't even having a tree this year! So I pretty much begged my mum to let me help pick out and decorate hers. And that I did. In fact, I did everything while Mum and Matt sat and watched. I had so much fun! And the tree looks awesome if I do say so myself. I can't wait to have my own house and my own tree and my own cozy little Christmas :)


Currently and 31 Day Blog Challenge Fail!

Haha! As everything I seem to do (I should really work on this) I kinda failed miserably at the whole 31 Day Blog Challenge. I can't believe I only got to day 12! I was really looking forward to going all the way and completing the whole thing, but alas, it was not bent to be. To be honest I got bored half way through and why do something if your not enjoying yourself?! I do really want to do some of the days though, but I think I will just do them as individual posts in the New Year. It will give me something to blog about when life's running a little slow. There are two though that will be perfect for this time of year so look out for 'The Best Thing To Happen This Year' and 'What Are You Looking Forward To' posts! ANYWAY...on wards with the Currently post!

Loving: Tim. Soppy I know! And 12 year old me is looking at me like I'm crazy, but I really do love that boy. These past few weeks have been really hard and all I have had from him is just unconditional love and kindness. Some times I want to poke him just to see if he's real.

Thinking about: A very important thing that is happening on Friday that I'm not going to tell you about just yet but it is very very exciting!!

Anticipating: The Hobbit!! I CANT WAIT! Me and my dad are going to the midnight showing at the IMAX in Liverpool this week, and I'm really excited! ALSO!! That same night, when we drive back in the middle of the night, there will be a massive meteor show, so were going to take a flask of hot chocolate some cake and go sit on the beach and watch the shooting stars. Let me tell you, that night will be awesome!

Listening to: Mumford and Sons. I just love love them! their new album is great and I listen to it every morning on my way to work :) It's just such a beautiful sound in my ears.

Eating: Very very unhealthily. One of my 13 Things For 2013 is 'Be Healthier' so I think im just trying to cram as much junk and crap into my face hole as I can before my healthy living starts. I know that's not how its supposed to work but it's nearly Christmas so I'm allowed....right?

Wishing: That I had my own house to decorate for Christmas. This is something that I want so badly. I keep seeing couples buying Christmas tree's together, and people decorating houses and it makes me so jealous! I just can't wait for that first Christmas when I do eventually have a house, it will be magical!


If Your Going Through Hell, Keep Going

Hey everyone. I'm sorry for my long absence, and I know I said I'd be back after my last little stint away, but life has been getting in the way. I was thinking today about posting as usual again and not even mentioning the things that have been going on, but that wouldn't be real. I want to look back on this space and remember everything, the good and the bad, so why would I leave out certain things? I was going to do a few different posts too but I think I'll just get it all out it one and then move on. And who knows, it might help someone else to talk about my troubles. So yeh, the last few weeks have been pretty awful. Don't get me wrong, some great things have happened too, but the over all feeling as been bleak and gray.

There's really no easy way to say whats happened so I'll just say it. My dads wife Sarah had a miscarriage. It was horrible. For those of you who have been following for a while will know that last year my dad has cancer and we were unsure whether he would be able have children again, so Sarah getting pregnant was a miracle. And how we loved the little baby, and my heart breaks to know that we will never meet him/her. She found out really early on that she was pregnant, which in my opinion, wasn't a good thing. She wasn't past the safe point when people started finding out, and it just made it all the more difficult for everyone to have to tell people what happened. It has been so hard on the family the last few weeks, non of us have known what to do or what to say, and I haven't handled it very well at all. I've found every excuse to get out the house and just kept quiet hoping no one will ask questions, kept busy not letting myself think about it at all. I'm not good with these situations. And this was about as worse as it goes. I think were finally getting there, back to normal. And every day I can see Sarah getting a little more happier, all though I know that she will never forget what she lost, and neither will dad and I. But life goes on.

And life did indeed go on, right on into a car crash. Everyone is fine and no one was hurt (thank God) but what a week! I can tell you know though, we are counting our blessings and it was a bit of a wake up call for our moping around the house. Dad was on the way to pick me up from school and a car ran a junction straight into the side of dad. Both cars were written off, but apart from a few bruised ribs and stiff neck, no one was hurt. These past two weeks have just been one thing after another and I am counting down the days till the New Year. New beginnings and all that, I think I need one after the end of this year!

Other things that have been happening....I cooked a lovely dinner for the family, I've nearly finished my Christmas Shopping, I've been plotting and scheming with a work friend about a very very exciting idea that we are meeting to discus this Friday so keep your eyes peeled on the blog this weekend eeeeeek! I decorated the Christmas Tree and I went to my best friends engagement party which was just fantastic!

So this month has been one crazy emotional ride, and one that I hope never happens again. I don't want my family to have to go through that again ever, but I have learnt a lot from everything. The blessings come in the most unlikely of places, that every moment with your loved ones is special and you should never take them for granted, that the people who love you will let you know through their actions not just their words, and that God will always be there waiting for you to lean on him, and he will never let you fall.



A few weeks ago I had a lovely week off from work and had the most wonderful time! Tim and I went to Winderemere for a little mini break. We had such a great time just relaxing and enjoying each others company. We hardly get any time together with work and family things, so it was nice to just have some time to ourselves. Here are some pictures from our little adventure!


What's in a name?

Hey guys! Long time so see, hey?! These past weeks have been so so hectic and crazy and great so I haven't really had time to get on the laptop never mind blog! I had two weeks of solid work and then a lovely week off, which was spent wonderfully. But I'm back now, and will start blogging regularly again this week.

While I've been busy working and relaxing, I've been thinking a lot about this little blog and wondering where I want to go with it, and I think I might of come to a very drastic decision. A change of name. DUN DUN DUUUUN! I already know exactly what I want and I have a whole new blog design/look that I would run with if I do decide to change, I'm just not 100% sure, so I thought I'd ask you my readers. Do you think that a blog name change is blog suicide or do you think it could be a saving grace?

The reason behind this sudden desire? Well I don't really know to be honest. Maybe it's the change in weather? Maybe its all the changes that have been happening in my life? Maybe because I can feel the new year creeping up on me? But I think mainly because I kinda feel like I have outgrown this name. Don't get me wrong, I still love this name and I still love that it sums my loves and my blog brilliantly, but I created this blog at a time in my life where I was finding myself and now I have, and I sort of feel a little held back. Does that even make sense?! Also I would have to change the blogger ID address and I just think that's too much hassle! I know blog follower numbers aren't why I do this but I'm not going to lie, I would be pretty bummed to lose any of you as my followers. Not because the number looks nice on the sidebar, but because I love to read all your comments and I've made and met some amazing people through this blog it would be such a shame to lose all that just for a name.

Saying all this, I've noticed that a few blogs that I follow have changed their names and its been a brilliant change and its just seemed like a step in the right direction. So I would love to know your thoughts on this matter? I think if I do decide, I'll make it live in the new year, so I've got some time to mull this all over.

I promise normal blogging will resume ASAP. Till then, much love to you all xXx


31 day blog challenge: day 12

What's Inside Your Fridge
So this post isn't really the most exciting. One, because its not my fridge, so nothing in it is mine, and two, there's nothing in it anyway! But here it is all the same. We have, Some left over beans, yogurt, lamb chops, ham, leftover pasta, eggs, butter, cheese, dips, wine, veg, various jams, orange juice, mayo, salad cream, lemonade and milk. Not very interesting.

I love to cook. One of the reasons I want my own place is so I can have my own kitchen and just go crazy making and baking all kinds of things. I can't really do that at my dads house because its so hectic with everyone working different hours and being in and out all the time, so we tend to just grab what we can when we can. I've started to eat out a lot recently, just for convenience. This has to stop and I really need to start being more careful with what I eat. So yeh, a totally random and a little weird post, but its over with now, and I can get on to the really good parts of the challenge!!

Today I looked at my work rota and I'm working 9 days straight. Ugh. The week after is a holiday and boy am I looking forward to it! In other news, I got a new tattoo this weekend. Woop Woop! Those of you who follow me on Instagram (@littlelolly90) you will have already seen it, but I'll be sharing it here in a few days when its all lovely and healed! So till then, love ya'll!!


What I Wore: Mustard and foxes

I have been waiting all year to do this outfit post! Litrally. As you have probably gathered, if you follow me on Insagram, I love Autumn! It is my favourite time for pretty much everything. The colours, the clothes, the animals and the weather. It's just all so beautiful! I've had this outfit in mind for this shoot for months. All I needed was a bag to go with it, so when my boss showed me this on the internet I had to have it, and so did she! (we're both a little fox crazy) I absolutely loved posing for this shoot, I felt like a little wood elf frollocking through the trees!

I think a round of aplause is needed for my mummy, my amazing photography. She knows nothing about photography or how to use a camera, but she loves taking my outfit posts and does her 'homework' on how to take better photos. She has got so much better with her artistic eye, and most of the time realy suprises me with how she see's thing through the lense of a camera. One things for sure, shes got bossier with how she wants me :P I also love to spend some quality time with her too. We both work shifts so finding time to spend together is tricky, so a few hours every week, just us two, out doors having fun, its what we live for.

But anyway, more about the outfit! I've had this dress for a few years now, I love it but haven't worn it all too much, but I think it will be a center piece of my Autumn wardrobe this year. As will this awesome and totally cute fox bag! I think I've gone a little overboard on the foxes this year, my phone case is a fox too! But who doesn't love a few cute animal faces on inanimate objects right?! I loved all the leaves on floor, the colour is just my favourite. I would love a carpet that was fallen leaves coloured...or maybe wooden floor boards with leaves painted on them?! You know when an item of clothing is just so perfect it seems made for you? Well this coat is that item for me. I love it so much! I've always wanted a little red duffle and this one was like exactly as I imagined it to be, and with this outfit, well I dunno, I just feel really good in it. I was deffinitely made for Autumn.

What I Wore: Coat-Debenhams//Dress-Miss Selfridges//Tights-New Look(?)//Shoes-Primark//Bag-Matalan


31 day blog challenge: day 11

List 15 Of Your Favourite Things
1. Walks in the rain
2. The smell of old books
3. Jumping on crunchy leaves
4. Horeses noses
5. The smell of burning matches6. Fully stocked super market shelves
7. Anything Star Wars
8. Being with my family
9. Wearing clothes that aren't mine
10.The smell of fresh baked bread11. Feeling like your heart will burst with happiness
12. Sleeping kitties
13. Pretty Dresses
14. The smell of rain
15. Knowing that your where you meant to be and who your meant to be with


My day in cups of tea: october 12

I saw this in The Simple Things and thought I'd be naughty and steal it. It's such a good idea, especially for someone who drinks as much tea as I do. I love the feature in the magazine, its so cool to see different peoples tea drinking habit's and to see the different places and what they can see from where they sit. So I'm going to do this once a month, Sort of like a phot-an-hour post but with tea :D

//9am: A brew with breakfast and some work related reading//

//11am: Arrive at mum's ready to start the photo shoot//

//2pm: Mid shoot break, park coffee shop tea and a little treat//

//3pm: Arrive home from the park, cuppa tea before I head into town to meet Tim//

//10pm: Late night date tea. Perfect end to a perfect day


31 day blog challenge: day 10

What's Your Best Physical Feature

My best physical feature is me. My whole self. My body, my mind and my personality, it's what makes me me and you know what. I LOVE ME! I thought this would be the hardest challenge out of them all, and I've been dreading coming to it, and it was, but for the complete opposite reason to what I thought!! When I really thought about it I actually couldn't decide what was my best feature! I may get annoyed at my different body parts at times but over all I love my body! I literally went through all my different features and was like, well I like my eyes, but I like my nose too, I like my hands and feet but I love my back, my legs are okay too and I really like my wrists, so I just thought, what the hell, lets celebrate all of me! Not in a big headed way but the internet and media is so full of images and things that tell us that we have to look a certain way and be a certain weight and  I HATE it! I want to spread possitivity and let people know that you can love your body no matter what size you are and be happy with yourself. So I'm going to share some facts about my body and why I love it exactly the way it is.

My body is hour glass shaped. I have size 30FF boobs, 8-10 waist and 12-14 hips and rather wide shoulders. I'm 5ft1, short legs, size 4 feet and baby hands. I have a double chin, square face, 'horse' teeth and a bigger belly than I'd like to admit. Now I know that I am the 'average' size of most women, but I have found that no matter what size you are, everyone can hate their body. Even the most 'perfect' person on the planet will dislike something about them, because its not what the world thinks or feels, its how you think and feel. I used to really hate how I looked. I hated my boobs, I hated my double chin, I hated my dumpy legs and I really really hated my horse teeth. But then I realized that I was hating something that I couldn't change. I cant change my teeth. And short of having plastic surgery, I cant change my boobs. Sure I could loose a little weight and probably shift the chin and the little extra on my legs, but when I thought about it, I have naturally short legs, so they will always look kinda dumpy and out of proportion, my chin only comes out when I push my head back and I will never have the slim face because I have a square head. I was wasting so much energy and time on hating my self when it is so much easier and happier to learn to love myself instead.

I think one really important thing in learning to love yourself is learning what clothes flatter you the most. For years I would wear boys clothes to cover myself up, when in reality I was only making myself look worse. When I started to become more interested in clothes and I found the styles that suited me most, I started to like how my body looked. For me off the shoulder/wide neck tops are best and high rise skinny jeans. Off the shoulder because I can have space for my boobs but still show that I have a waist, high rise skinny to make my legs look longer and exaggerates my curves. I know clothes aren't the answer to everything (all though it would be awesome if they were!!) but for me they have helped me so much to love my body. A little exersize that I like to do when I'm feeling a little negative is this: Lets say that today I'm not loving my legs today and I think they look awful, then I would try list 3 positive things that I do like and focus on them. Maybe next time your feeling negative about your body, try list 3 things that you love about yourself, and see what you come up with. I don't really know what I'm trying to say with this post, I just wanted to spread a little body love and possitivity. I think everyone should learn to love there bodies, or at least focus on the good things more than the bad.