Wishlist Wednesday

(Sorry it's late...again. I blame my essays!!) To say that I love wolves would be a bit of an understatement. I am obsessed with them (I seem to be like that about a lot of things lately!) and I would love to have many outfits like this...maybe with Unicorn thrown in there too :P The whole first half of my project this year has been based on wolves and I have lost count of how many books on wolves I've read on them. They are truly magnificent creatures. Any who, I have noticed an increase in wolf related clothing and accessories, Woop!! So this is my wishlist for all the lovely wolf-y things out there :) I really love the accessories here. The necklace is especially sweet and their other products are just as lovely, you should defiantly go check them out at Wolf and Moon. Like always (silly student living) I shall probably get this necklace when my loan come through :P Hopefully it will be in stock by January!! Come Christmas I should have almost half this outfit!! I tried on this T-shirt in Topshop yesterday and am getting it for Christmas of my mummy :D...and of course the boots!!

Today is essay writing (blugh!) Last one to do now and then that's it! Yey! Deadline is tomorrow so hopefully will get it done in time! It's so blooming cold though that I cant concentrate so I've been drinking silly amounts of tea and bundling up in layers to keep warm. Only 17 days till Christmas!! Excited!!

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