Winchester Wonderland

Sorry this is like 2 weeks late but here are some pics from my little trip to Winchester :) I had a fantastic time and loved spending time with my lovely girlies :)

We drank lots of tea and coffee! Like...loads haha! We McCallum girlies love our hot drinks! We had these amazing Boxing Day Cornish Pasties, which had a Christmas dinner for its insides. I am SO making them this holiday season :)

There was a darling Christmas Market and some of my favourite stalls were the ones with vintage nick-nacks and trinkets. There were so many lovely things and cute gift ideas, also LOADS of inspiration for things to make for next year! I bought my nana one of these cute little wooden ducks for Christmas and she loved it :) It looks so great on her fire grate, we even tied a little Christmas ribbon round its neck to make it all seasonal :)

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