What Gets My Goat...


...Laddered tights. My tights ladder or pull every. single. time. It is THE most annoying thing in the world! Do you have this problem? or am I just not wearing them right?

Today I put on a brand new pair of tights. I bought them in Winchester this week. I hardly ever buy tights because of my problem but I thought, no, this time will be different. I've wanted wine coloured tights for a while and saw some gorgeous ones in Accessorize for £12 (£8.50 online...this annoys me too haha!) so I bought them and was excited to wear them. So today I get them carefully out the packet, remove the cardboard ever so gently. Roll all the material down so I don't have to pull them over the full length of my leg. It took me about 2 minuets to slowly get them on without stretching them too much or going anywhere near them with my nails. A lot of hassle for a pair of tights but I was determined to end this day with no ladders or pulls. I put on my coat and went about my business, careful not to do anything to harm the tights. I went the supermarket, for lunch then wandered round a bit, being careful not to catch them with my bag or my coat zip.

Half way through walking round Mark & Spencer I looked down and nearly screamed! A pull! My tights had a pull! just about my right knee on the inside. WHAT!? WHY? how in the world!? AAAARG! I have no idea where it came from. I had been so careful! It makes me wants to cry haha. Is it just me that this happens to or do you all have trouble with them too? Is there any point buying nice tights? I think from now on i'm going to have to buy 70+ Denier just so I don't have the hassle and stress of laddering them every time I wear them!

If you have any secrets to de-laddering or just avoiding them all together please please share your secrets...I'm desperate to know! I heard somewhere about putting them in the freezer just before you put them on...I'm so desperate I might just try this!

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