An Unhealthy Obsession

I'm sure you've all heard of Pinterest. I'd be quite shocked if you didn't! Well I got my account this summer, I'm 21, single and have no immediate plans to get hitched. But ever since I join Pinterest I have acquired an unhealthy obsession with planning my wedding!! I'm a little girl at heart anyhow and have pretty much had it planned since I was 6 but having this easy way of keeping everything in one place has made me go a little crazy on the planning and ideas front :/ So when I saw this (source unknown) It made me giggle and It made me think about all those girls or guys who are secretly planning their wedding.

It's not just weddings either! I have my whole life planned on this little site, if it ever went wrong I would literally loose my future :P I have my house planned. What colour all the rooms will be, what furniture I will have, even what spoons I want in the kitchen! I have my children's childhood planned too! What games they will play, how I will teach them the alphabet and cool food's to make them. It is such a crazy thing. In my head I have been 'pinning' things that I find and want to keep and it seems that in the process I have been planning instead. I suppose I could blame it on my Dad's wedding and say I'm finding ideas for them but who am I kidding :P

But it's not all bad! I have a poor memory and I'm awful at keeping records or planning/keeping a diary. So I have found it really useful to keep craft and present ideas slipping from my grasp. I don't really know what this post is for other than to share my giggles at this picture and hopefully find some other Pinterest obsessed people so I wont feel like such a nerd :P

Are you addicted to Pinterest? Do you find your self planning for wedding/birthday/new house?

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