Puss In Boots

Yesterday me and Sarah went to see Puss In Boots. I loved Shrek and was a little iffy about a spin-off because usually there awful but this was really really good! I'm not sure if it's set before or after Shrek. I suspect before, but it follows puss on his quest to pay back a dept he owes by going on a quest with an old friend an a sexy lady cat. They join together to find some magic beans to get the the giant's castle in the clouds to steal the golden goose.

It's a light hearted family comedy, but has enough humor for the adults to have a good giggle too. I laughed so much through out, but then I do love kids films anyway! Puss was my fav character in Shrek and it was so cool to see where he came from. There's a really cute scene where you see him as a baby...SO ADORABLE! There's plenty of the trade mark huge eyes too. It's funny how accurate they have the cat behavior spot on. I spent the whole time nodding and laughing at all the little quirks I recognized.

This is such a great film and I think you should all see it :) specially if you have little ones.

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