Prancing In The Park

I have finished my essays!! Finally I can relax and catch up on all I've fell behind on the last two weeks. I just had a peek at my bloglovin' account and I have 59 pages in my 'to-read' list :D Usually I hate to let it pile up that bad but after reading nothing but silly art essays I am loving catching up on what everyone is doing :) Yesterday me and Hollie went on a little adventure to Sainsburys. We've never walked that way out of town before. The map (yes we had to use a map) took us through the park and seen as there was no one around we decided to have a sneaky play on the swings, we like to entertain the children in us as often as we can :)

Tonight is the Fine Art Christmas Party, were raising money for our degree show (that is scary!) It should be good and there's free food so that's a bonus! After that I intend to sit in my bed all lovely and warm, watch a film and make my Christmas presents!

Stay Amazing x

P.S Check out these awesome shoes from Red Velvet I cant decided between the 'I Heart You' or the 'Foxy'...not that I can afford them....maybe when my loan comes through :P


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