Puss In Boots

Yesterday me and Sarah went to see Puss In Boots. I loved Shrek and was a little iffy about a spin-off because usually there awful but this was really really good! I'm not sure if it's set before or after Shrek. I suspect before, but it follows puss on his quest to pay back a dept he owes by going on a quest with an old friend an a sexy lady cat. They join together to find some magic beans to get the the giant's castle in the clouds to steal the golden goose.

It's a light hearted family comedy, but has enough humor for the adults to have a good giggle too. I laughed so much through out, but then I do love kids films anyway! Puss was my fav character in Shrek and it was so cool to see where he came from. There's a really cute scene where you see him as a baby...SO ADORABLE! There's plenty of the trade mark huge eyes too. It's funny how accurate they have the cat behavior spot on. I spent the whole time nodding and laughing at all the little quirks I recognized.

This is such a great film and I think you should all see it :) specially if you have little ones.


The Best Bits

So here are my best bits from 2012 :) There just little bits that I've found funny or have loved throughout the year. I can't believe that I started this little blog in February..which means soon we will have a little birthday haha! This year has been a crazy ride and I'm looking forward to what 2012 will bring! Bring it on world!!

The Time Of My Life!

My mum got me such a great Christmas present! On Monday we are getting all dolled up and she is taking me out to a lovely posh restaurant for dinner and then to see Dirty Dancing on stage in Manchester!! I'm so excited! In the sale yesterday I bought a white dress, like the one she wears in the film, that I'm going to wear especially. Its beautiful white lace, knee length and sleeveless :) I'm gonna look just like her! haha!

I absolutely love the film, it's one of my favs and I've been wanting to see it on stage for so long! It was so funny. My mum attached the ticket to a water melon and then wrapped it up as a present. I was so baffled but in the end I got there...'I carried a water melon...' hahaha!


Wishlist Wednesday - Book Edition

This week I thought I'd take a break from the clothes. I went sale shopping yesterday and I don't think I want to see another item of clothing in a while...well until I go shopping again later today!! It was completely chocka and there was many banging of elbows and bashing children on the head with shopping bags. Got some lovely things though which i'll share at some point either with an outfit post seen as I have just ordered a new camera lens or just a collection photo :)

So here are some of the books that I really really really want!

1. Looking For Alaska by John Green - I read an exert from this book yesterday and I fell in love with the characters so I cant wait to read it!!
2. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen - Ever since I watched the film I have been dying to read the book
3. Insurgent by Veronica Roth - The first book was amazing so this should be brilliant
4. A Million Suns by Beth Revis - This represents the whole series!
5. Hades by Alexandra Adornetto 6. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore - I've been waiting for this book for ages!
7. The Floating Islands by Rachel Neumeier 8. Torn by Cat Clarke - Love Cat Clarke. Her books are brilliant so cant wait for this one!

If you have read any of these or have them on your to-read list please tell me what there like. Would love to have some reviews on them :)

Today is shopping and doing the last rounds of visiting family for Christmas and hopefully meeting up with my best friend for a dinner and a well needed catch up :) Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


My New Years resolution thingies

I have never been one to make New Years reselutions but that might be becuase there is no way I will keep them. I love chocolate and I hate running. So to save disappointment, I just dont. This year feels different though. I dont nessicerialy want to make reselutions but I do want to make some goals to work towards.

This year, I wont lie, has been the worst. So many things have gone wrong and not many things have gone right. I never really blogged about my pops being sick. I think because it was such a stressful time and my blog was somewhere I wanted to come to just forget it all for a few minutes each day. At the same time pops was sick Nana was sick too. It was a mess. The two people who mean everything to me suddenly needed me more than I needed them and it was so hard. I had no idea how to handle it but I knew that I needed to be the strong person they needed. I regret now how I handled the situation, and with hindsight I could of done so many things differently. I was so focused on my pops and nana that I completely ignored everyone else in my life and in doing so I lost someone very dear to me and I almost lost my best friend. I was like a speeding train, set on a goal of making everything better for dad and nana, that I saw nothing else and everything just shot right by me till it was too late. I remember just breaking down one day after everything was better. I just took a break and everything suddenly crashed on me. I cried for hours, for the fear that I had felt with dad, for the stress of the situation, for the anger that this had happened to a great man, for the bone tiredness I felt, for the loved ones I lost and for the selfishness I felt for crying about myself. Don't get me wrong I never regret putting my family first. Not ever. My family is everything to me, but I know now that I put far to much responsibility on my own shoulders and I wouldn't let anyone help me. Then before I knew it the year was almost over and I couldn't remember any of it outside of looking after dad and nana.

So my goal this year is to let people in. Let people help me through tough situations (I pray there are non, but just in case) and the good ones. I want to share my responsibilities and my situations with those that want to share them with me. I have spent far to long thinking I had to do everything by myself. I don't. And I know there are so many people just wishing I would let them in and share my life with them.

Also this year I want to have fun. I'm in my last year of uni. I'm young and I have no proper commitments. I spend way too long looking to the future and worrying about this and that. Will I find a house? What job will I get? Will I find a boyfriend? Will I get married? Really stupid things that I really shouldn't worry or even be thinking about! And I've always thought that if you stop looking and trying to make it happen what you want will just happen and things will fall into place. That's not to say you shouldn't work for what you want but just don't obsess over it. I need to stop obsessing!

So I suppose me 'resolutions' are to be more open and just enjoy life. cant be too hard can it...


Winchester Wonderland

Sorry this is like 2 weeks late but here are some pics from my little trip to Winchester :) I had a fantastic time and loved spending time with my lovely girlies :)

We drank lots of tea and coffee! Like...loads haha! We McCallum girlies love our hot drinks! We had these amazing Boxing Day Cornish Pasties, which had a Christmas dinner for its insides. I am SO making them this holiday season :)

There was a darling Christmas Market and some of my favourite stalls were the ones with vintage nick-nacks and trinkets. There were so many lovely things and cute gift ideas, also LOADS of inspiration for things to make for next year! I bought my nana one of these cute little wooden ducks for Christmas and she loved it :) It looks so great on her fire grate, we even tied a little Christmas ribbon round its neck to make it all seasonal :)


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and Santa gives you everything you wished for :)


I've always wanted to do this!

Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house but never seemed to do it. So this is was the year!

It was so stressful! The ginger dough just did not do what it was meant to do and I got really angry :S Not the Christmas feeling I was hoping for! I was going to post a how-to but It wasn't working so maybe next year? (I will say though if your going to attempt a gingerbread house and the dough is too crumbly, just add water!) Anyway it turned out okay and I think it looks really cute. I filled the center of the house with miniature heros so when we eat it, or forget about it, we will have lots of yummy chocolates to eat as well.

I cant believe its Christmas eve and I have all my shopping done! Usually its a mad dash today to get everything but I was good this year and got most things early. I'm not very well today :( my left eye has swollen up like a balloon and I look like Quasimodo from Hunckback of Notre-Dame :( Don't think I'll be kissing anyone under the mistletoe tomorrow!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tomorrow!!


Vintage Christmas

I love vintage things and I love Christmas. The two together is just a match made in heaven and when I can decorate my own way It will be vintage, vintage, vintage!! This year I made a vintage paper doll garland and it is just darling! I found this beautiful vintage paper doll cut out sheet


and just cut out the pieces and hung them with little craft pegs on a line of yarn. When I was a kid my friend used to have paper dolls and they were gorgeous! Really old fashioned and beautifully painted and I always wanted some of my own. If you google vintage paper dolls there are so many to print out and decorate your house with! I've already printed out loads. Now I just need somewhere to put the all :P

Tonight the boys are all down stairs playing FIFA so I'm in my room making last minuet Christmas presents and watching Harry Potter :)

The Hobbit

The new hobbit trailer came out this week! I am beyond excited! Really don't want to wait a year though :/



New Years Eve


So tonight I went to see New Years Eve. If anyone saw Valentines Day you'll know the general gist of this series of films. To be honest there not my kinda films. I love a good chick flick every now and again but there not my fav but my Nana wanted to see it and we hadn't done anything together for a while.

There was a wide variety of cast members which is good for the first few minutes when you 'ooh' and 'aah' then it gets a little tedious flicking between too many story lines. There were some really funny bits in it that made me laugh so much, but most of the time I was wishing it was over. It was also really sad and I cried :( which I wasn't expecting so that wasn't nice. Robert De'Niro was awesome as always and totally stole the show and Zac Efron! When did he become a man!? Fwarh!

My nana loved it and that's all that matters to me. It was a nice evening with my favourite person and it wasn't awful it just wasn't fantastic. If you love chick fliks you'll love it but if your not that bothered I wouldn't recommend it.

I can't believe its nearly Christmas!! I am so excited, I'm like a kid again! This week I have a few things to share with you before I clock off for Christmas, a gingerbread house, a vintage garland tutorial and the pics from Winchester :)


What Gets My Goat...


...Laddered tights. My tights ladder or pull every. single. time. It is THE most annoying thing in the world! Do you have this problem? or am I just not wearing them right?

Today I put on a brand new pair of tights. I bought them in Winchester this week. I hardly ever buy tights because of my problem but I thought, no, this time will be different. I've wanted wine coloured tights for a while and saw some gorgeous ones in Accessorize for £12 (£8.50 online...this annoys me too haha!) so I bought them and was excited to wear them. So today I get them carefully out the packet, remove the cardboard ever so gently. Roll all the material down so I don't have to pull them over the full length of my leg. It took me about 2 minuets to slowly get them on without stretching them too much or going anywhere near them with my nails. A lot of hassle for a pair of tights but I was determined to end this day with no ladders or pulls. I put on my coat and went about my business, careful not to do anything to harm the tights. I went the supermarket, for lunch then wandered round a bit, being careful not to catch them with my bag or my coat zip.

Half way through walking round Mark & Spencer I looked down and nearly screamed! A pull! My tights had a pull! just about my right knee on the inside. WHAT!? WHY? how in the world!? AAAARG! I have no idea where it came from. I had been so careful! It makes me wants to cry haha. Is it just me that this happens to or do you all have trouble with them too? Is there any point buying nice tights? I think from now on i'm going to have to buy 70+ Denier just so I don't have the hassle and stress of laddering them every time I wear them!

If you have any secrets to de-laddering or just avoiding them all together please please share your secrets...I'm desperate to know! I heard somewhere about putting them in the freezer just before you put them on...I'm so desperate I might just try this!

Deck The Halls With...ME!

This has to be one of my favourite old time Christmas Carols. Maybe because it has my name in it and when I was younger I like to think that I could deck the halls :D

When I got back from Winchester I was pleasantly surprised to find a Christmas decorated house :) The tree was up, lights on, cards by the fire and all the cute little Christmas things placed around the living room...It's definitely Christmas now! And it snowed/slushed today :)

Did you spot the mini R2-D2? What's Christmas with out a little Star Wars hey? The last pic is of all the things, so far, from our Lego Star Wars Advent Calender. There pretty cool if a little small and minimalist. I love Christmas and am defiantly getting in the Christmas mood! Tomorrow is last day of Christmas shopping. I've got everything relatively early this year, which is a first for me! Usually i'm dashing all over the show on Christmas Eve!

Do you like to do your shopping early or do you like the late shopping buzz?

P.S Do you like the new design? I was getting a little fed up of the old one and this one works much better. All the links work (go check them out...they actually take you to were its says it will!) Did you notice the name change too? I think Sci Fi goes better than Star Trek seen as there isn't much Star Trek around these parts! The model on the header is a model that my Stevie-pops made and will likely change with every new one he does, so keep your eyes peeled!


There's No Place Like Home

HEY! I'm back! Just want to say a big thank you to Tim for keeping an eye on things and sharing his review on The Glass Child :)

I have had a great few days with the girls. I absolutely adore my family, and every time where together I feel so blessed to have them all. I haven't laughed as much as I did this week in forever! All we seemed to do was giggle and fall around in hysterics. We did lots of shopping around the Christmas markets and the nearby villages, drank lots of hot chocolate and ate Cornish pasties :) I had such a wonderful time. I will share my pictures over this weekend, even though they are awful! I forgot my DSLR charger and my digi camera batteries died so had to use my phone :S I will most defiantly be purchasing a new lens after Christmas!! For now though I am in the middle of a re-design for a the blog...So you might see a change around these parts in the next day or so :P I hope you all had a great week and didn't miss me too much!!


Oreo Cup Cakes

I made these ages ago, and since I'm probably sat stuffing my face with cake I thought I'd share my recipie with you :) (sorry for the silly conversions...I use American and English when cooking because I have cup measuring cups....sorry!)


6oz flour
6oz sugar
6oz butter
3 medium eggs
Cocoa Powder
2 packets of oreos
2 cups of unsalted butter (you can use salted and just don't put salt in)
3 3/4 cups of Icing sugar/confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
Pinch of salt

Meathod (I don't have pictures you'll have to use your imaginations!)

Pre heat the oven to 180C
1. Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy
2. Beat the eggs in a mug then slowly add to the butter and sugar mix
3. Sift the flour in gradually and fold into the mix trying not to beat the air out too much
4. Add as much cocoa powder as you like. I think I must of used 4-5 heaped table spoons (I like mine chocolaty)
5. Put one pack of Oreos in a bag and beat with a rolling pin till their all small pieces and then add to the mixture
6. Put muffin cases in the muffin tray and spoon the mixture into the cases. Fill till 3/4 full (this will make big cupcakes)
7. Place in oven and back for about 20mins check the middle with a knife, if it comes out clean their done.

To make the Icing beat the butter until light and fluffy and then gradually sift the icing sugar into the butter and add vanilla extract and salt (or not for salted butter).

When the cupcake are done and cooled apply the icing using a pipping bag or icing gun. Then snap the remaining Oreo's in half and place half on top :)

And hey presto! Oreo Cupcakes!
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. There great for parties and Sarah has already put in her order for the wedding :P


Pleasure to meet you. My name is Tim Harvey and I'm taking over my dear freind Holly's awesome blog with a guest post while she's away sunning it up in Winchester. So check out this awesome new singer/songwriter by the name of Charlotte Eriksson AKA 'The Glass Child' and her new dual E.P. release. This incredible talent deserves all the shine and coverage we can offer. Check her out at www.charlotteeriksson.com.



The Glass Child's style and spirit will not be broken.

Charlotte Eriksson is 'The Glass Child'. If you don't know anything about this smashing, sensational singer/songwriter by now then you either aren't familiar with this little blog, or you aren't familiar with incredible rising talent. To say that this Glass Child is the next big thing is not an overstatement. It's evident in her music. To say this young 20 year old is mature beyond her years however is an understatement. It's clear to hear she's so much more than that from her lyrics to the scoring, soaring sound of a talent that moved from her home in Sweden to London and started her own record label, putting out her own music when she was still a teenager.

That's not the only amazing thing about this young lady. Take her last EP-the moniker self-titled 'The Glass Child'-for example. From songs like the crazy, good 'Insanity' to the secret, solitary, solo number 'I'll Never Tell' this was a breakthrough success from the Glass Child that broke more new ground then a girl moving from country to country. Or how about her song for her nation in the inspiring support of 'I Will Lead You Home'? A song that raised money for her home-country Sweden's cancer-organization Ung Cancer in support of young victims. This was good enough to make the number 2 spot on the Swedish iTunes chart and is great enough for us all to lend a helping hand and download in support.

Now after giving so much Eriksson is looking to take centre stage. This breakthrough indie artist of the year has just released her second EP titled 'This Is How Ghost's Are Made' and its is one spirited, heaven sent release. Taking inspiration from everyone from Björk to Paramore and the Counting Crows to Ben Harper, this incredible writer mixes Gothic stylings with lyrics from a songbook of beautiful language like no other. Take the atmospheric 'Tell The World'. The opening lines "A journey on a a broken piece of glass/On my own in a town that has no soul/Learned how, to breathe alone," draw you in like no other as you really get a feel and spirited sense of just how fragile but at the same time strong this young singers heart really is. As the song ends on the note "Like a soldier I resolve/I found a way on my own", it's evident that this strong-minded pioneer and innovator is ready to show us all just what she's made of.

The great 'Best Part Of Me' and the angelic harmonies of 'The Devil's Sin' show us exactly what she's made of. Creative contrasts that are classically considered and not confused or conflicted. Charlotte blends the dark and the decedent, the light and the shadow and the good and the bad all seamlessly into her lyrics and music and it all sounds so great. It all sounds so natural, not worked or hashed out, just her, honest, pure, genuine and spirited most highly. The real best this EP has to offer though is 'Hypnic Jerk', a beautiful ballad that shows just how good this artists brushes of songwriting and strokes of singing can be. As she laments "I'm too numb to feel you/I'm to numb to see you". We feel and see someone who really is a talent of great depth and devotion.

The Glass Child is not another transparent young artist with a guitar, she's someone baring her soul over acoustics for all those willing to see. Take a look now at someone that's taken a different route to get to the mainstream and someone that's going to shatter the notion that success is all about 'industry' or watered down throwaway music. The Glass Child has broken through with some music of real depth for her fans to keep. This is how music is going to sound good again. 'Ghost's' shows the makings of an icon. I believe.



The Glass Child is still awake with talent.

Christmas has really come early with all that Swedish singer/songwriter Charlotte Eriksson is offering us. Our new artist of the year has just released her second, stellar E.P. 'This Is How Ghosts Are Made' to rave reviews. Not bad for a young girl who moved from her native Sweden to London in an effort to get herself out there when she was just 19. Not bad at all. Now those fans who have purchased the 'Deluxe Box' edition of the Glass Child's smashing new release can unwrap an extra special gift, four bonus tracks under the E.P. name 'Songs For An Insomniac'.

If you think tracks like 'Tell The World' and 'The Devil's Sin' off 'This Is How Ghosts Are Made' are great then you haven't heard anything yet. These 'Insomniac' tales begin with 'Insomnia', an awakening, evocative track were Charlotte hums lulling harmonies over sweet strums. "Too slow/will this night ever end/I'm avoiding/your side of the bed/and the wind is/screaming your name" she sings with mid-night hour beauty.

Then on 'Blood On The Concrete' The Glass Child tells us a tragic, moving tale which reaches new depths. Painting the picture of a family, singing; "Then there's Sarah a little quiet/only wants one thing/to get to know her Dad he left when she was young/he even took her mother's wedding ring" anyone with real heart will be hard pressed not to shed tears with every strum and stroke of this artists brush.

On 'Shades' Eriksson laments lost contact with a friend, but from the beautiful way she writes and the way she sings it's clear the devotion of true friendship is still bonded. "You always used to say/life will find a way", she repeats, remembering it all. As she sings "there's something in the way/people look at me these days/like they know I've lost my fire/like they know I've lost my way", however it's clear to hear this notion isn't true. This hot talent's shine is still burning bright. Charlotte Eriksson has found her life's own way.

"I packed my life in a bag" Eriksson sings to start the final, fitting track 'Leaving and Never Coming Back'. The courageous, honest singer reveals yet another real personal side of her as she tells us the story behind her leaving home. It doesn't get much deeper, realer or more poignantly beautiful then this. "This town has taken too much from me/oh I think I failed my youth". As The Glass Child stares right at success, she isn't afraid to reflect on the troubles of her past to make her stronger. Now how many young women in their twenties are that brave? This emotion of hers is as strong as her beautiful voice or her genuinely heartfelt lyrics. With a "one way ticket in her hand" Charlotte Eriksson AKA The Glass Child is on the path to success and there's no looking back. It's only up from here. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


Wishlist Wednesday

This weeks Wishlist Wednesday is my wish list from one of my favourite shops EVER! Dolly Dagger!! It sells beautiful 30's-50's inspired clothing. Perfect for my dream style! I wish I could wear clothes like this everyday but at the moment my patience and drive just isn't up for dressing amazing everyday. Probably the stress of Uni and the fact that, doing an art course, I don't want to ruin my pretty lovely clothes! Hopefully one day I will dress like I really want to...Best start collecting clothes now...only 6 months till I finish my degree!!


This outfit is inspired by my favourite pin up style. Sailor Girl! You can find all these items on the website in their little Sailor Girl style section. I just love all this outfit. The off the shoulder top with the hip hugging pencil skirt is just so sexy and I like how you get the red and white stripped detail down the bottom. It really ties it all in. I think the shoes are beautiful but I would probably go for plain red or blue heels (they didn't have any but these go fine!)


Another love of mine is spots! Especially red with white spots. While putting this together I was thinking 'maybe too many polkadots?!' but naaah! The more the merrier!! This bag and dress I have had my eye on for AGES! Every time they have a sale I hope and pray this dress is in it but I don't think it has...maybe I'll be lucky next time?! I love the earrings and necklace. My favourite pie and my love of space...all mixed together in one big red spotty ball (sounds gross doesn't it!!)


This last one is a little mash up of everything that I love and would wear on any given day. I ADORE yellow, so it had to be the yellow T-Shirt even though I do love this one. I think the Jeans are great, love red and yellow together and I think I might get the tea cup earrings. I do need some new ones and these are so cute! I've also been eyeballing those shoes for a while but the red version...haha! I do love me some red! (can you tell?)

Do you know the joys of Dolly Dagger? What is your favourite piece?


Back in 4...

4 days that is! Yes. I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY!!! (woop woop!)

No where special (i'm not even flying) just down to Winchester to visit my aunt. There will be me, mother, cousin 1, cousin 2 and aunt. It's gonna be a proper girly few days, shopping, drinking tea, shopping, laughing, watching films, shopping (did I mention shopping?) I've never been to Winchester before but apparently it's right up my street so I shall me taking lots of pictures for you all to see :)

I'll be gone till Friday but fear not! I have pre-planned some posts and I may (or may not, depends if they want to do it) have a few friends to stop by and check everything is in tip top condition.

So farewell and I hope you all have a fantastic week! Remember to keep smiling :D and never doubt yourself. You'r all amazing!


Creative Spotlight Vol 3: Layla Wilson

This Creative Spotlight is a very special one for me :) I am very pleased to introduce you to my dear friend Layla. I've known Layla my whole life. She is my best friends sister and she is such a lovely fantastic person. We have the same loves of vintage fashion and whimsical trinkets. When ever we go shopping together we always spend way too much :P She is very supportive of me so when I heard that she had a new project I jumped at the chance to show her off!!

Take it away Lay!

I decided that I wanted to do some typography designs and I also wanted to make some of my xmas presents this year so this is the outcome which ended up being a combination of both.

After designing and making a few for friends and family I got asked to do one for a friend after I showed her the projects. This inspired me to design more and try and sell some. I created a blog to try and keep my new designs out there and also a Facebook page too which is where I am getting most sales from at the moment. The plan is to mass produce some design and get a stall on the local Treacle Market held in Macclesfield every month. I am hoping this will get a regular customer base and also inspire new designs. I find the designing so fun and I love to play around with them to see what I can come up with.

I personalise all the designs by request and find that this is the most popular of the products, this is also the most fun to design. I also love getting the frames ready to give out in their tissue paper and bag, almost as much as I love seeing my happy customers faces :-)

I would like to think that I could keep this hobby up as long as people are happy to keep buying I can keep developing!

If you would like to purchase a Fancy Frame you can visit Layla's blog, Facebook or email at fancyframes@yahoo.com

P.S If you would like to take part in a Creative Spotlight please email me at littlelolly90 [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk


Mmmm Pie!!

This weekend we put up the Christmas tree. It used to be fun putting up the tree but the past few years I haven't been too fussed about it. Maybe when I get my own house and can decorate how I want I will enjoy it more? That seem's to be my most used phrase as of late, 'When I get my own place, I can *insert action* how I want to.' I REALLY want my own place!! haha! Lets get Uni out the way and then I can start thinking about moving out :) Any way! Yeh. Christmas tree. We decorated. Well I watched and played with the cat. She loves Christmas. She's like a child because she gets really excited about all the presents under the tree and even helps putting the baubles on the tree (or pulls them off!)

I also had a stab at the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pie on Kaelah's blog. You can try it for your self here. It turned out quite well for a first attempt. It was a trial run for next week's trip to Winchester so I will be making another (better) one on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Hopefully it'll turn out better than this one. The pastry ballooned in the middle and it could of stayed in the oven just a teensie bit longer. But my testers, Stevie-pops and Sarah, said it tasted okay :) And they are the experts in cake tasting!

Tomorrow is work work work, but I'm going for a change of scenery so you'll find me typing away in the local Starbucks :) I'll probably drink my weight in coffee but hopefully all my work will be finished!! I also have all my Christmas presents to make...Tomorrow will be BUSY!