Wishlist Wednesday

I did have this all planned (look at me getting organised...finally!) But I completely forgot to post it! So here it is just a tad late! Id promise not to do it again, but id probably brake that pretty fast :P

River Island Bag
JOY Necklace
JOY Earrings
JOY Ring
JOY Tights
Polyvore Shoes
The dress is from JOY too but I accidentally deleted the URL and cant find it on the site now :(

I love this outfit and I want it so bad! I love the colour of the dress and all the little animal accessories give it a cute whimsical look. Of course I had to add a pair of Jeffery Campbell Lita's (they will probably be in most Wish List Wednesdays until I have a pair in my possession (could be a while!) This look is the one that I wish my wardrobe portrayed. I love the soft, pastel colours and the soft girlyness that it oozes. And if I ever wanted to 'bad ass' it up I can where my 'puppy killers' (Doc Martin boots) as someone once called them. I am slowly getting there though. Yesterday my cute animal accessories came that I ordered off ebay (will post them tomorrow) so now just need the shoes and more dresses!!

One of the pigs is poorly sick at the moment :( He has just been taken to the vets and has been told he has to stay over the weekend. He's lost so much weight and all his bones are showing through his skin. He hasn't eaten in days and isn't drinking either. I hope he gets better soon as he's my favourite!

This weekend is full of drawing, writing, coffee, friends and birthdays :) Should be a good one!

What are you wanting this week?

Got any exciting plans for the weekend?

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  1. The dress is such a beauty! I love the colour, and the bow detail is oh-so darling!

    Lost in the Haze


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