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I do realize I'm a little late on the whole 'Happy Halloween' thing but hey, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you had a good one! I went out with some of my flat mates and had a really good night. We went to the uni club and had a good old laugh and a boogie. I'm not that much into halloween really, the whole witches and scary stuff doesn't really do it for me, but I cant pass up an opportunity to do a bit of fancy dress :P I would never dress in the custom girl halloween costume (as little clothing as possible and lots of fake blood) so I went as a wolf! not a wearwolf mind you, just a normal wolf :) There were so many skimpy looking girls and I felt so proud of my self that I could go out fully dressed and still look and feel totally awesome! I wore a wolf head piece I got off the internet, a grey dress from New Look and my Doc Martin Boots with thick knit legwarmers over the top. I made a tail and bought some cheap wolf gloves from a charity shop. I had such a great time and I thought I looked the bomb!!

This week has been crazy stressful! I realized that I only have 4 1/2 weeks till my mid-course assessment!! I have hardly any work and time is very quickly slipping by. I have a pile of studio work to get done and 5 essays, eeek! It really hit me on Wednesday and I felt so depressed I couldn't even face going into the studio!! Not good when that's the only place that I really should be :S I decided to right off that day as a lost cause and just try to do something productive in another way and try get out my funk, so I did what any stressed person does. I cleaned. Everything. I also tried made my room a place that I feel comfortable in and enhance my creativeness. The pic above is of my bed headboard that acts as a bedside table. I'm now surrounded by Unicorns, Star Wars, Boba Fett, favourite artworks and pictures of my family and friends :)

Today I went to a craft fair with my mum to see what it's like. Mum knew one of the vendors so we got chatting and I got some information so hopefully in the future I will do some craft fairs :) We went for a cup of tea and made a game plan for my little shop that I've been dying to get started for ages and only just plucked up the courage to take that first leap into the grown up world! Every time I talk or think about it I get so excited so I know that it is defiantly what I want to do, I just hope I can pull it off and things start to go my way :)

Do you own a shop or want to start one? Leave a link below, I'd love to check out your wares!

P.S For my Artist Spotlight posts I would love to show case some of your art/craft/poetry/writing. If anyone is interested just drop me a line at littlelolly90@hotmail.co.uk with a little description or a pic and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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