Wishlist Wednesday

This week I've been pining over clothes, but because I've had to pay for the rest of my tattoo I've had to just admire from afar. Here is the outfit that I would like this week. I absolutely love the shoes!! Really really want to get a pair like these.

Dorothy Perkins, Dress
Schuh, Shoes
Next, Coat
H&M, Hat
H&M, Mittens
H&M, Scarf


Wow. Glad I got that of my chest :) I tried some black Litas on the other day and my feet just sang. They are so comfy even though they look like they really shouldn't be! I would be happy with any of the above for many different reasons. The Grey ones are just so cool. The little bow heels are just too cute. The dark green would match my eyes. Any of the three brown/beige ones would go with most of my clothes. There are just so many reasons I should get some it would be stupid not to really :P (apart from the price!!) I think, if they match the dress, I would like to get some for my dads wedding. And if that doesn't work I'm definitely getting some white or red ones for my wedding (which is along way off...need a man first!!)

I found these Jeffery Campbell's here, here, here and here

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