Studio Time

Here's a little sneaky peak of the work that I've been doing in my 3rd year at Uni. I don't really have any thing to say about the concept behind the work as I haven't ironed out all the detail and sorted it out in my head yet. But basically I'm thinking, and have in the back of my mind, the relationships that we have with animals. I've been reading a lot of animal sociology books and things like that, so i'm excited to see where this project is gonna end up. I really enjoy drawing in this style, seen as last year I didn't do any drawing at all, I'm glad I can get back to what I enjoy :) At the bottom is a little snap of my studio space, excuse the mess, but oddly enough I work better with a little chaos :S

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  1. When I saw your drawings my jaw dropped. They are absolutley amazing and so detailed. You are such a great artist!
    - Becky x


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