Sci Fi Sunday

Cheers to the return of Sci Fi Sunday!! Now I know I said that pretty much all past features will stop, but this one is just too much of a favourite to let go! I can't promise that it will be every week but as much as I have the time, it will be here!

This week is all about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!! In my flat we have 'flat night' where we either go the pub, watch a film or just do something together. This week we watched Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (and Donkey Punch but I don't ever want to think about that hour and a half of my life I wasted. Awful film!) It was so funny to think that, here we all are ages 21-22 at university watching the power rangers, we are the coolest bunch of people ever!! We had a friend over who was only 18 and hadn't seen it before!! (that made me feel so old!) It was great to think that even though were getting older, growing up and facing the real world, there is still a place in all our hearts for the child inside to live. Even though I had not seen the film for going on 14 years, I still remembered all the names, the songs, the Zords of each character and the names of the villain's (Rita Repulsa and Ivan Ooze!). I hope that I never loose my inner child, because even though sometimes I feel a little immature and silly, that part of me makes me who I am and I never want to change that. So all I can say is....


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