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I saw this over on Danielle's blog. I though it was such a sweet idea that I just had to do one for myself :)

Obsessing over: Stargate and Star Wars, obviously! Me and my friend Hollie are currently watching the whole of Stargate Atlantis :) I've been wanting her to watch them for ages and we are now 4 seasons in and watching about 5 episodes a night! I'm always obsessing over Stargate but now I have a friend who is obsessed too :) Star Wars has got me in all kinds of fuffle lately. I have decided that my birthday (in MAY!) will be Star Wars themed and I'm all ready planning my costume! Also it comes out in 3D soon :D and my pops got a lego Star Wars advent calender. Were all kinds a cool in my house :P

Working on: Uni project! We only have 2 weeks left till our project deadline and I'm stressing big time! Nothing is planning out how I wanted it so I'm having to do a few last minute tweek's. My idea has changed drastically in the last week (I'm now doing skulls..morbid I know!) Hopefully over Christmas I can put together a post and show you what the finished piece was, but I'm so busy at the moment I just don't have time! And I have 5 essays to write by the 9th!! Best get cracking!

Thinking about: The future. I've had quite a few chats with various friends and family and they all seem to be revolving around the same thing. The future. I don't really have a clear path I want to follow just yet, and I'm sure I never really will, but I sure know what direction I want to go. I've had so much inspiration and support thrown at me the last few weeks that I'm so excited for what's in store that it's pretty much all I can think about! I cant wait to see where my feet take me but I can tell it's going to be good :)

Anticipating: Christmas! I love Christmas! I love the cheer and the joy that I feel when I sit curled up by the fire. Candles lit with a steamy cup of tea watching 'It's A Wonderful Life.' I love Christmas shopping and hunting for the perfect gift. I love wrapping up snug and warm and going for a walk in the crisp air. I love that my family comes together and we can spend the chilly evenings having snow ball fights, eating Christmas dinner and laughing over a cheeky drink. I love sitting in the pub on Christmas eve with friends and getting merry. I love the feeling of eating way to much and having to un-do the top button of the trousers or loosening the belt. I love looking at all the lovely gifts and watching people's reactions when they open theirs (some times not always positive!) I just love Christmas!

Listening to: City & Colour. I love his voice. It send me too sleep and makes me so relaxed. I love sticking his album on, grabbing a book and just snuggling up in bed and reading. I could listen to his voice for ever.

Drinking: Water. I would be drinking tea but we haven't got any milk :( Bad times.

Wishing: That I knew that everything will be okay. It wont stop me pursuing my dreams but that having that extra little thing would make it all a lot easier. but I suppose, where would the excitement be in knowing what was going to happen in the end...

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