Hurray For Insurance

I am, by nature, a very clumsy person. I can trip over a flat surface, I seem to gravitate towards door frames and my fingers have a mind of their own. Usually I get away with minimal damage to myself or the unsuspecting object but yesterday it all caught up with me and well...you can see the aftermath :/

A few months ago I dropped my phone in the toilet. It was in my back pocket (something I never do!) and well you get the picture. Ever since then it's never been quite right and the camera stopped working full stop. So gutted. So you can understand my annoyance that when I dropped the phone on the floor and proceeded to smash the screen, the camera started to work again!! I mean come ON! God really must have a sense of humor! I called the phone company and there sending me a new one which will arrive tomorrow so that's great :) I was actually gonna cancel the insurance last week but I forgot...thank god!! Such a pain having to transfer all the stuff over though :/ Defiantly gonna get a protective case for the new one!!

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