Farewell 'Artist Spotlight'...Hello....

'And The Spot Light Is On...'

After much deliberation (about 10 minuets) I decided that 'Artist Spotlight' just wasn't the right title for my little creative feature. I want to showcase anything and anyone that has a passion for something creative. Weather it be art, writing, sewing, poetry, craft, dressmaking, even making balloon animals, I want to show everyone what these creative souls can do :) So a name like Artist Spotlight narrowed the spectrum just a tad too much. As an art student I will no doubt do countless already famous artist but I also believe that people who are at University, college or even people who just do what ever they do at home deserve to have there work shown if they want to. Every day at university we are continually asked to research artist, go to galleries, attend artist talks. But they have to be contemporary practicing artists who are well known in the art community. Where this is all well and good, I find it sad that, according to the tutors, that amazing piece of art that really moves you deep down inside done by a friend of a friend, isn't valid as 'art'. So if you have a passion for balloon animals, are a post grad uni student, or even just made an amazing dress you want to show the whole world, please don't hesitate to contact me (littlelolly90@hotmail.co.uk) and we will find your place among the greats :)

Today was a great day in the studio :) I think I'm finally getting to where I want to be in regards to my project. I got a little lost and carried away with myself last week, but I've managed to reign my self in. Take a breather. And relax. I was planning on showing you some of my work but my stupid photo editing thing has decided to throw a paddy :( Hopefully later on, or tomorrow, I can share what I've been up to the last few weeks.

Till then my dears.

Stay Amazing x

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