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I just changed my comment platform to DISQUS! This means that I can now reply to comments! YEY! Unfortunately this means that all my comments from the blogger platform don't show up :( If you would like a reply to something you have commented on, feel free to re-comment :)

Today I went for a coffee with Tim Harvey and I feel all inspired and raring to go do what I want to do and just go for it, hence my last post! It's crazy how much talking to the right people and sharing your dreams with people who really want to see you succeed can give you so much confidence. Both my parents are so supportive of me and when ever I feel like I cant do it, I'm having second thoughts or doubting myself they always know the right things to say to give me the boost I need :)

Tonight Me, Sarah and Stevie-pops all sat in and watched Disney Christmas Carol (the one with Jim Carey) I have to say. It is the freakiest film I have EVER seen. It's blooming terrifying!! I can't believe it's a Disney film, I would never let my child watch it. I think I'll be having nightmares tonight! Gonna stick to the Muppets version from now on!! Mittens graced us with his presence the other night as well...I put my laptop down to have tea and the cushion fell on it. So mittens made himself at home all nice a comfy like. I think he was sat on the mouse pad or the enter key cause my computer was going crazy!!

Tomorrow is shopping with mother and even more coffee with great friends! I love winter coffee's, they warm you up good and propper!!

Do you have any inspirational people who you go to for a little extra umph?

Stay Amazing xox

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