Black on Black

Please excuse the terrible awful photos. I'm almost embarrassed to put this post up but I only have a crappy camera phone till I fix my camera (I know I've been saying that since July!)
I bought this dress a few months ago. I think I was feeling a little daring when I bought it because it's nothing like I would get normally, but I had just got my tattoo, and with out tights it shows it off :) I've been waiting to wear it for ages but the only times I would usually wear it, It's been fancy dress or I would of looked way to dressed up! I wore it this time to Sarah's Uncles 50th on Friday night. It was a last minute thing (literally had about 45 mins to get ready!) and decided it was now or never. I wore black tights and black heels. I felt like I was going to a funeral! So I paired it with my new necklace and ring from Ebay (am loving the animals atm!) with heart earnings. With my red hair and red bag I thought this spiced up the outfit a right treat :)
It was a really nice night, just sitting around chatting, getting merry, meeting new people and asking endless questions about my tattoo (everyone was dying to get a look at it!) It was nice to spend some time with Sarah and Stevie-pops and have a nice time away from Uni! This week I have loads and LOADS of work to do! I only have 2 1/2 weeks till I have to hand everything in EEK! I have no idea how I'm going to do it so wish me luck!
(I apologize again for the awful photos, I hang my head in shame!)


  1. You look so pretty, I love your red hair!

    And you are super stunning in that dress. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thanks hun :) I love my hair too :P


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