Autumn Country Leaves

Saturday was a pure chill out day. Met my friend for coffee in the morning and caught up on the weekly happenings of our lives. I really needed a pick me up coffee so it was really nice. I love meeting up with friends when your feeling a little blue, If there the right ones they can always pick you up out a funk! I got a little present too! My first dollar for my America trip!! I know its just a piece of paper but it made me so happy haha! Now I dont know whether to spend it or keep it as a momento (as I am rather sad like that and keep things just for the memory attached to it)
It was dads birthday weekend this weekend. His actually birthday is today (happy birthday pops!) I MADE A LEGO CAKE! I rather impressed with my self haha! I made a big cake that was one large red lego brick but I don't have a good photo of it :( I also made six cupcakes with the same red butter icing as the main cake and I also made little icing lego bricks for the top. He loved it and we ate 4 of the cupcakes in one go. Yummy! We went to the pub for dinner and so it was nothing fancy, just cozy :) I wore my trusty country girl dress and a brown knitted cardigan that I completely forgot I had, (love it when that happens, it's like its brand new again!) my comfy blowfish flats, my america belt and a gorgeous thrifted scarf with beautiful autumn leaves on it. The bow is one that I made and hopefully will be a main feature in my shop when I get it up and running after Uni. More on that in the new year :)
I love this outfit because its so comfy and after a big steak you can still feel girly and hide that food baby!

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