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Today was such a good day :) Apart from being really ill this morning and spewing my guts up by the side of the motorway (so embarrassing!) Me, Stevie-pops and Sarah all went to Telford for the day. We got up not so bright and early at 6am and was on the road by 7. We went to the annual UK IPMS - Society for Scale Molders Show. I usually love these things, looking at all the cool models on display and trying to find some bargains (not found very often cause models cost a bomb!!) but I was feeling so grim that I just wanted to lie down and sleep!! There were way too many plane models, I'm more into Sci Fi models like Star Wars and Star Trek, go figure :P I love the atmosphere at model shows, there is so much flirty banter and its pretty much all men! I love just standing next to a group of men talking about the latest models and what paint their going to use and whether they want it in plastic or resin, old de-cals or new. It really makes me chuckle and appreciate that everyone has their little hobbies and passions :)

Look at all the lovely Sci Fi models! I spent rather a lot of time at this stall and was so annoyed when I found a Serpant Guard from Stargate for £150!! £150!! I mean....HOW MUCH!! It was tiny too, silly limited addition models :( Dad was amazed by the double decker London bus. It was pretty sweet and the little yellow car was cool too :)

After the model show we went to Blists Hill Victorian Town. It's this tiny little village that is solely Victorian. You can only use old money which you change at the bank, and all the people who work there wear old fashioned clothes and 'work' in the shops and school and things like that :)

There was this gorgeous linen shop (which I'm sure most of you will appreciate) which sold all old fashioned material, lace, buttons and things like that. They were absolutely beautiful and I wanted to buy it all. There was also a little room out the back where they made old fashioned straw hats and bonnet's. I was so tempted to buy my self a little scullery maid bonnet but I resisted.

We went for a drink in the little old fashioned pub, which was so quaint and gorgeous! There was a little honkey-tonk piano in the corner where two men played and sang old tyme songs. Everyone was joining in, swinging there pint glasses and slapping knees :) They were fantastic and we even bought their CD from the gift shop afterwards!! We went for a little walk around the surrounding area and took some scenic pretty photos by the lake and under the tree's. I had such a great day and it was great to spend some time with Dad and Sarah and take some time out from Uni Work

P.S I found this hilarious sign in the village. Me and Sarah had a right chuckle!

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  1. What a fabulous day out, I am glad you recovered from your little sick episode early in the day! :)

    I have never been to a model building show but it sounds awesome.

    The Cat Hag


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