Album Review - LMFAO

This album is brilliant! I don't usually go for dance/pop music. At all! But you can't help but bop and boogie on down to the tracks on this CD. When ever their songs come on on a night out, my face lights up and so does everyone else's. You just know its time to 'Party Rock!'

The first half of this album is the best. I admit last few songs get a little tedious but it's worth it just for the first 8 or so songs. Their electric sounds and booming base will get anyone out there seats and with lyrics like theirs you might literally 'LMFAO.' Songs to defiantly give a listen to are 'Sorry For Party Rocking,' 'Sexy And I Know It' and 'We Came Here To Party.' I don't really know what else to say cause I'm not that clued in about dance music, but I just had to tell everyone how much I love this band!!

(also I seem to be oddly attracted to Redfoo!! The guy with the glasses :S I think it's the eye's. I'm a sucker for a pair of lovely eyes!)

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