Wishlist Wednesday - Christmas Special

This week I thought I'd put together a little Wishlist of the things that I'm eye balling for this Christmas. I don't particularly have anything in mind this year. Usually I have one big thing that I would really love and that is all I want, but this year there isn't really anything. So this is just a few things that I've seen and thought 'oooh' and 'aaah'. Some things like the boots (eeek!) I am getting and others are just silly things I have no chance in hell in getting unless my family win the lottery :P Most are a little geeky but hey...I wouldn't have it any other way :) (fingers crossed!)

Cake Decorating Kit: From Kuhn Rikon. I've wanted one of these for a while. They are amazing and make cake decorating soo much easier then when using a bag. I have a few of the little squeezy bottles but would love a cake gun :) // Blowfish Booties: From Office. I have these!! Well I will have them come Christmas!! Eeeek I love them!! Aren't the little beauties :P // Dotty Tea Pot: From Whittard. I have a cup from Laura Ashley that this would match perfectly :) // Juxtapoz Book's: From Amazon. I would love any of the Juxtapoz books. I get the magazine every month and would love to get all the art books they sell. // Super Star Destroyer: From Lego. I want this soo badly!! But sadly this is a lottery winning present :( It is so so SO expensive, but it would look so good on my shelf! // Vintage Cake Stand: From New Look. This would match my mu and the tea pot :) and I do need a cake stand. It would so cute with the rest of my kitchen collection :) // Death Star: From Lego. This is another lottery present, and another badly wanting :( // Stargate Universe Box Set: From Amazon. It wouldn't be Christmas with out Star Gate and this would complete my collection nicely :)

What's on your Christmas Wishlist?
Any thing you really want but know you cant have?

Stay Amazing xox


Right Now...

I saw this over on Danielle's blog. I though it was such a sweet idea that I just had to do one for myself :)

Obsessing over: Stargate and Star Wars, obviously! Me and my friend Hollie are currently watching the whole of Stargate Atlantis :) I've been wanting her to watch them for ages and we are now 4 seasons in and watching about 5 episodes a night! I'm always obsessing over Stargate but now I have a friend who is obsessed too :) Star Wars has got me in all kinds of fuffle lately. I have decided that my birthday (in MAY!) will be Star Wars themed and I'm all ready planning my costume! Also it comes out in 3D soon :D and my pops got a lego Star Wars advent calender. Were all kinds a cool in my house :P

Working on: Uni project! We only have 2 weeks left till our project deadline and I'm stressing big time! Nothing is planning out how I wanted it so I'm having to do a few last minute tweek's. My idea has changed drastically in the last week (I'm now doing skulls..morbid I know!) Hopefully over Christmas I can put together a post and show you what the finished piece was, but I'm so busy at the moment I just don't have time! And I have 5 essays to write by the 9th!! Best get cracking!

Thinking about: The future. I've had quite a few chats with various friends and family and they all seem to be revolving around the same thing. The future. I don't really have a clear path I want to follow just yet, and I'm sure I never really will, but I sure know what direction I want to go. I've had so much inspiration and support thrown at me the last few weeks that I'm so excited for what's in store that it's pretty much all I can think about! I cant wait to see where my feet take me but I can tell it's going to be good :)

Anticipating: Christmas! I love Christmas! I love the cheer and the joy that I feel when I sit curled up by the fire. Candles lit with a steamy cup of tea watching 'It's A Wonderful Life.' I love Christmas shopping and hunting for the perfect gift. I love wrapping up snug and warm and going for a walk in the crisp air. I love that my family comes together and we can spend the chilly evenings having snow ball fights, eating Christmas dinner and laughing over a cheeky drink. I love sitting in the pub on Christmas eve with friends and getting merry. I love the feeling of eating way to much and having to un-do the top button of the trousers or loosening the belt. I love looking at all the lovely gifts and watching people's reactions when they open theirs (some times not always positive!) I just love Christmas!

Listening to: City & Colour. I love his voice. It send me too sleep and makes me so relaxed. I love sticking his album on, grabbing a book and just snuggling up in bed and reading. I could listen to his voice for ever.

Drinking: Water. I would be drinking tea but we haven't got any milk :( Bad times.

Wishing: That I knew that everything will be okay. It wont stop me pursuing my dreams but that having that extra little thing would make it all a lot easier. but I suppose, where would the excitement be in knowing what was going to happen in the end...

Like A Kid In A Candy Store!

On Monday Me and pops went to Liverpool to do a little Christmas shopping, well we went to get my Christmas present (Blowfish boots!! eeek!!) We didn't end up shopping for anyone else, I don't think either of us could be bothered :S But we did make a trip to the Lego store!! I love going in this shop and if it had been around when I was a kid I think I would of kicked up a fuss about having to leave it. Heck, I kick up a fuss now! I'd happily spend hours in there (if I could play with the lego!!) I love looking at all the neatly stacked boxes and the brightness of it all...I know. I'm weird. I just love lego! I picked up another Lego Star Wars key ring and we got some magnets for the fridge, Star Wars obviously :) We also saw a Lego wedding cake topper which I am totally getting for my dads wedding in July!!

Dad had a little surprise when we got home too. Ages ago when the shop first opened (September I think?) he bought a Lego Star Wars advent calendar!! How amazing is that! Instead of chocolate, you get Lego!! I dunno how he kept it secret that long because I couldn't of! I hate not being able to tell someone something when I know they would really love it, I'm in the that situation now and it's driving me INSANE!

We'll I best get to bed! It's 2am and I need to hit the shops tomorrow to do some much needed Christmas shopping. I know I said I love Christmas shopping in my last post, but the thought of it in the weather we have at the moment (torrential rain) is not a happy one :/ I'll be back tomorrow, or later today with a Wish List Wednesday Christmas Special...Just so ya'll know what to get me for Christmas :P

Do you like Christmas Shopping?
Where is your favourite place to shop for Christmas?

Stay Amazing! xox

Autumn Country Leaves

Saturday was a pure chill out day. Met my friend for coffee in the morning and caught up on the weekly happenings of our lives. I really needed a pick me up coffee so it was really nice. I love meeting up with friends when your feeling a little blue, If there the right ones they can always pick you up out a funk! I got a little present too! My first dollar for my America trip!! I know its just a piece of paper but it made me so happy haha! Now I dont know whether to spend it or keep it as a momento (as I am rather sad like that and keep things just for the memory attached to it)
It was dads birthday weekend this weekend. His actually birthday is today (happy birthday pops!) I MADE A LEGO CAKE! I rather impressed with my self haha! I made a big cake that was one large red lego brick but I don't have a good photo of it :( I also made six cupcakes with the same red butter icing as the main cake and I also made little icing lego bricks for the top. He loved it and we ate 4 of the cupcakes in one go. Yummy! We went to the pub for dinner and so it was nothing fancy, just cozy :) I wore my trusty country girl dress and a brown knitted cardigan that I completely forgot I had, (love it when that happens, it's like its brand new again!) my comfy blowfish flats, my america belt and a gorgeous thrifted scarf with beautiful autumn leaves on it. The bow is one that I made and hopefully will be a main feature in my shop when I get it up and running after Uni. More on that in the new year :)
I love this outfit because its so comfy and after a big steak you can still feel girly and hide that food baby!


Black on Black

Please excuse the terrible awful photos. I'm almost embarrassed to put this post up but I only have a crappy camera phone till I fix my camera (I know I've been saying that since July!)
I bought this dress a few months ago. I think I was feeling a little daring when I bought it because it's nothing like I would get normally, but I had just got my tattoo, and with out tights it shows it off :) I've been waiting to wear it for ages but the only times I would usually wear it, It's been fancy dress or I would of looked way to dressed up! I wore it this time to Sarah's Uncles 50th on Friday night. It was a last minute thing (literally had about 45 mins to get ready!) and decided it was now or never. I wore black tights and black heels. I felt like I was going to a funeral! So I paired it with my new necklace and ring from Ebay (am loving the animals atm!) with heart earnings. With my red hair and red bag I thought this spiced up the outfit a right treat :)
It was a really nice night, just sitting around chatting, getting merry, meeting new people and asking endless questions about my tattoo (everyone was dying to get a look at it!) It was nice to spend some time with Sarah and Stevie-pops and have a nice time away from Uni! This week I have loads and LOADS of work to do! I only have 2 1/2 weeks till I have to hand everything in EEK! I have no idea how I'm going to do it so wish me luck!
(I apologize again for the awful photos, I hang my head in shame!)


Live Your Life With The Joy Of The Front Row

Whilst trawling Pinterest as I usually to every night. It's an addiction! Not good :S I came across this fantastic picture! The little caption some one had written with it was 'You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row.' I know that some days I feeling like I'm on the third row. Not having fun. Hating everything and everyone because I can be moody cow when I want to be. But I like to think that most of my life is spent laughing it up and having a good old giggle in the front!

I met up with Tim Harvey for a coffee yesterday and one thing we talked about was hoping that we wouldn't be grumpy old people, that we would stay young and still love life even when were 60! It reminded me of this photo and that no matter what age you are you can still have fun and love and live every minute of your life.

I cant count the times that I have promised my mum that I am never going to grow up and I fully intend to keep that promise! I hate the thought of being a miserable old woman bitter at the world without my family and friends around me. Obviously I cant tell what I will be like or what might happen that might change me...but for now, I'm a jolly old lady loving life on the front row :)


Good Bye Little Piggy

This morning our gorgeous little pig, Chunky, sadly passed away. He hadn't been eating for a while and was really sick. Sarah took him to the vets but sadly there wasn't much they could do and he died of a suspected heart attack :(

It's funny how attached you can get to something as small as a Guinea Pig. He was such a porker and ill miss watching him waddle around.

Today's posts that I was planning on putting up are going up on Monday now :) Until then lovelies!

Stay Amazing! xox


Wishlist Wednesday

I did have this all planned (look at me getting organised...finally!) But I completely forgot to post it! So here it is just a tad late! Id promise not to do it again, but id probably brake that pretty fast :P

River Island Bag
JOY Necklace
JOY Earrings
JOY Ring
JOY Tights
Polyvore Shoes
The dress is from JOY too but I accidentally deleted the URL and cant find it on the site now :(

I love this outfit and I want it so bad! I love the colour of the dress and all the little animal accessories give it a cute whimsical look. Of course I had to add a pair of Jeffery Campbell Lita's (they will probably be in most Wish List Wednesdays until I have a pair in my possession (could be a while!) This look is the one that I wish my wardrobe portrayed. I love the soft, pastel colours and the soft girlyness that it oozes. And if I ever wanted to 'bad ass' it up I can where my 'puppy killers' (Doc Martin boots) as someone once called them. I am slowly getting there though. Yesterday my cute animal accessories came that I ordered off ebay (will post them tomorrow) so now just need the shoes and more dresses!!

One of the pigs is poorly sick at the moment :( He has just been taken to the vets and has been told he has to stay over the weekend. He's lost so much weight and all his bones are showing through his skin. He hasn't eaten in days and isn't drinking either. I hope he gets better soon as he's my favourite!

This weekend is full of drawing, writing, coffee, friends and birthdays :) Should be a good one!

What are you wanting this week?

Got any exciting plans for the weekend?


Roses Are Red...

I have red hair again! Excuse the awfully cheesy photos...I'm not good at taking good photos of my self and end up having this 'cute' goofy looking smile *shakes head*. I love having red hair. I feel like me again and I don't have horrendous roots anymore, well I do there just not as obvious!

Tonight I'm either going to make some Christmas present's or do some filing for all my projects that I've suddenly decided to burden myself with and desperately need to sort out. It will probably be the first because that's more fun but it should really be the latter...But being a lady I can multi-task...Don't think this will turn out well!


Down The Christmas Market

On Tuesday I went to Manchester to go Christmas shopping with mother. It was such a lovely afternoon all bundled in our winter woolies browsing the stores. Every year there is a huge Christmas Market that spreads all over Manchester city center and we all ways make time to go and look at all the cute stalls and eat the yummy food! This year we went a little earlier than usual so some of the stall weren't fully erected yet :( We'll just have to go again!! oh well :P I love going mid December time because it feels extra special with the snow and the frantic last minute scrabble for presents.

Every year there are two stalls that me and mum always um an arh over whether to buy anything, we never do, always saying 'next year!' Mum's is the wooden toad stools. They would look so cute in her back garden...one day! Mine is these beautiful hand crafted leather satchels. They come in all sizes and they look amazing...Next year!!

The Market is a beautiful place full of twinkling lights, log cabins, lovely smells of cooking food and people laughing and having a good time. I loved the effect the lights had on my camera. I went a little crazy taking photos of the lights and got some weird looks :S I wish that every night of the year the streets looked as pretty as they do in Christmas time. It would make the world a prettier place and make every night special and magical!

We ate. ALOT! There are just so many yummy looking food stalls it would be rude to not try everything, am I right?! We did share everything so we could eat a bit of everything and not get too full. Our annual favourites that we ALWAYS get are German hot-dogs, Macaroons, chocolate covered mini pancakes and Belgian hot-chocolate-on-a-stick! (wow! I feel fat just thinking about it!) The hot chocolate on a stick is so yummy! Its so creamy and you don't get that powdery residue at the bottom of the mug like you get with some instant ones. They would make a great Christmas present, think I might be trying to make some, sometime soon!

After we had enough we went for Sushi! I have never had sushi before and I hadn't planned on ever having it! 1. I don't like fish, 2. I don't like seaweed, 3 I don't like soy sauce, 4. I'm a fuss pot when it comes to food, so I didn't hold out much hope but thought I gotta try it once and may as well be when mum is paying! :P

I didn't like it. At all.

The chicken one was okay and I would probably have that again but the prawn one was gross, and the soy sauce nearly made me sick. I think its safe to say sushi isn't for me :P Instead I had my favourite meal of all time. Chicken Katsu Curry! mmm so yummy!!

Even though I wasn't sold on the food, I love the novelty of a sushi bar. The conveyor belt with the food, the chop sticks, the on tap water (genius!)

I had such a great day!! Cant wait to go back closer to Christmas and get some little presents. I also got some great ideas for Christmas presents so in the next few weeks I have to fit in essay writing, last minute drawing, exhibition creating, Christmas present making and visiting the family in Winchester D: This is going to be a busy pre-Christmas this year!!

Do you have any family/friend Christmas traditions?
What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
Have any cool gift ideas?


Creative Spotlight Vol 2: Cait From Sailing To Nowhere

Hello there my lovelies! Today I'm excited to welcome Cait from Sailing To Nowhere. I asked Cait if she would like to do a little interview about her creative passion for this feature after I read her post, Becoming a Writer. I admire her passion and drive to do what she wants and loves to do and I wanted to share it with everyone in hopes that It would encourage people, like it has me, to do what ever makes you happy!

Take it away Cait!

About what age did you start to write seriously?

I've always written in one form or another, when I was younger I used to make up stories and design my own magazines. When I was in college I wrote a couple of articles that I was thrilled to have published and I did a little work experience at local papers. Sadly when I went to University I didn't write as much as I would have liked, I regret not making more of the time but now I have graduated I'm taking writing seriously and starting my own freelance writing business.

What were your earliest inspirations?

I've always had an addiction to magazines, even when I was young. I have always hoarded thing like that and found them to be greatly inspiring. Much of my creative inspiration came from film and TV, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a huge addiction of mine growing up, it inspired me in so many ways and was huge part of my teenage years.

What was the hardest thing you had to over come to pursue your writing?

I think the hardest thing to overcome is your own insecurities. Anxieties about not being good enough or not knowing enough, thinking that you won't succeed. These questions creep in all the time and some days you lose all faith and want to give up but then the next day you will be motivated again. It is just about learning to take the rough with the smooth and not giving up even when you feel like it.

If you had to do anything but writing, what would you do?

This is a tough one because writing is such a big part of my life. I think it would be something fashion related, designing or making clothes perhaps since that is another passion or mine I would love to have more time for.

In an ideal world where do you see yourself in the future?

I would love to make a living from my writing and hopefully write novels. As long as I am enjoying what I do I don't mind what it is. I hate the thought of having a job I hate and dreading going to work everyday. I've had casual jobs like that, and I moaned everyday I had to go to school so I want to enjoy what I do. Obviously it won't all be plain sailing but if you're passionate about what you do it will make life a lot more enjoyable. Those are my word of wisdom anyway!

Follow Cait at Sailing To Nowhere

P.S If you would like to be involved in Creative Spotlight please email me at littlelolly90 at hotmail dot co dot uk

Stay Amazing x


Do What Brings You Joy!

I wasn't going to do another post today but whilst browsing the interweb I stumbled across this beautiful saying.

What brings you real joy?
Do that...
Be that...
Share that...
Spend more time with that
and get more Joy!

I think it totally goes with everything that I have been feeling, venting, chatting and blogging about over the last 24 hours. This is really laying heavy on my heart at the moment and I'm going to print this out a million times and stick it every where I look so I can ask my self every morning...What brings me real joy?!


Coffee and Comments

I just changed my comment platform to DISQUS! This means that I can now reply to comments! YEY! Unfortunately this means that all my comments from the blogger platform don't show up :( If you would like a reply to something you have commented on, feel free to re-comment :)

Today I went for a coffee with Tim Harvey and I feel all inspired and raring to go do what I want to do and just go for it, hence my last post! It's crazy how much talking to the right people and sharing your dreams with people who really want to see you succeed can give you so much confidence. Both my parents are so supportive of me and when ever I feel like I cant do it, I'm having second thoughts or doubting myself they always know the right things to say to give me the boost I need :)

Tonight Me, Sarah and Stevie-pops all sat in and watched Disney Christmas Carol (the one with Jim Carey) I have to say. It is the freakiest film I have EVER seen. It's blooming terrifying!! I can't believe it's a Disney film, I would never let my child watch it. I think I'll be having nightmares tonight! Gonna stick to the Muppets version from now on!! Mittens graced us with his presence the other night as well...I put my laptop down to have tea and the cushion fell on it. So mittens made himself at home all nice a comfy like. I think he was sat on the mouse pad or the enter key cause my computer was going crazy!!

Tomorrow is shopping with mother and even more coffee with great friends! I love winter coffee's, they warm you up good and propper!!

Do you have any inspirational people who you go to for a little extra umph?

Stay Amazing xox

Dreams Will Wait For Me

When I was in Year R my teacher asked the class what we all wanted to be when we grew up. I said I wanted to be a Swan. Yep. That's right. When everyone answered 'Princess,' 'Fireman,' Pop star,' I said Swan (I even drew a little picture). The teacher said 'don't be silly, you cant turn into a swan, pick something else.' But I didn't want to be anything else. I wanted to be a swan! So I carried on drawing and colouring my perfect little swan. 17 years later, I still want to be that swan, maybe not in the physical sense, but I have never lost the desire to be something so much more than I am. I'm not saying that I am this strong person that never lets anything get me down and nothing bothers me. Quite the opposite! I have come so close to loosing myself in the 'norm' so many times, but there has always been a little voice in my head that told me I was better than the bullies, better than the people who told me no.

I think that many people start off with that ambition to be all that they can be, but they let teachers, parents, friends, strangers in the street squash it down till its tiny little embers right down at the bottom of their heart. Lost and forgotten, just a distant memory, a childish dream. They get over run with life, getting a 'proper job,' maybe they were bullied and now all they want is to desperately fit in, somewhere. They ignore the little voice, and start to listen to world instead. The world that tells us to sell ourselves out to make loads of money. To buy certain things because were ugly with out it or out lives just aren't complete unless we have it.

But what if we were all swans? If we all held on to the dreams that we had when we were younger, or nourished them and helped them grow into something more, imagine how much happier we all would be!! We'd have a million more Pop Stars and Astronauts that's for sure! But even on a small scale. I know that I will probably never become a Animal Photographer/Conservationist/Documentary Maker. 1. because I'm not that handy with a camera, 2. The thought of being on telly gives me the heebie jeebies! and 3. Even though I love animals, I think if I came face to face with a lion I would run a mile! But that doesn't mean I have lost my dream. I have never wanted a 9-5 desk job. EVER! And I don't plan on getting one. I get snarked at told I'm being ridiculous rather a lot but so what! I have a different dream which I fully intend to pursue, and I bet if you asked any person working at a desk, that would not be their first choice either.

I guess what I'm trying to say (and this is just my opinion, and something that has been on my heart for some time) that I wish people would hold on to their dreams. I wish that people would do what they love to do instead of selling themselves short. You only get one shot at life, what is the point in wasting it doing something that doesn't make you happy!?

Music Review: The High Vibes

Party Rocking!

(isn't the best photo of the band but its the best out the lot...obviously my photo skills have slipped a little since my camera broke *sob*)

I just got back from 'The High Vibes' gig at Static. The High Vibes are a local band (southport, UK) made up from a few of my friends and friends of friends. I love them and they always put on a great show! Their music is so up beat and you just cant help but bop along.

Their a cover band , but don't let that put you off. Their fresh take on old (and new) classics, mixes Funk, Reggae and Rock in one yummy musical smoothie. The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Spandau Ballet, Madness, Bruno Mars and Sam Sparrow are to name but a few of the songs they take and make their own.

I thoroughly enjoy going to their gigs. Their light banter with the crowd always gets a response, no matter how big or small the crowd. They never fail to involve their audience in their performance, whether that be inviting them all to 'Party Rock' on the stage or indulging the shout outs for random song requests. Tonight they brought it good and the crowed were loving it. I was especially pleased because they played my song, 'Yellow' by Coldplay.

If you ever have the pleasure to watch these guys I can promise you, you wont be disappointed!


Creative Spotlight Vol 1: Chris Rogerson

As I said, Creative Spotlight is all about creative people! For this edition I interviewed a friend of mine by the name of Chris Rogerson - I had the pleasure of meeting Chris last year at a model show where he gave me a model of the Enterprise (so kind) Since then we've kept in touch via each others blogs and I asked him if he would like to share his passion for modeling on this feature. He of course agreed and here we are. To keep up to date with his models and adventures visit his blog at SUKI5150

About what time did you first start to make models?
I started making models very early. 5 or 6 maybe.

What got you intrested in them?
Derek Meddings who did every Gerry Anderson show got me hooked. Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Thunderbirds, etc.

What is it that you get from modeling?
Model making is very good therapy. If you are great or just do it for fun, it's very rewarding. It gives you a great feeling when you have a pile of bits and glue it together.

How many models (about) do you think that you have completed so far?
Not sure probably 500 models or so. I have loads here still, but most of them I sold.

What has been your favourite model that you have done so far?
My fave model has got to be RANGER 3 from Buck Rogers. I wanted one of those ever since I was a kid. One came out and lights shone, angels sang. It had arrived!!

What advice can you give to someone who wants start modeling?
My advice for anyone wanting to make models is go for it. You don't have to work for Industrial Light and magic to be good. Practice makes perfect and there are some uber talented kids out there making world class stuff. Look at model boxes, their versions are made to look like average Joe would make. Have a go and expand the basics. You may be surprised.

Where has your modeling led you i.e carreer, competions, ect (if any)
I have been very lucky to have worked on some movie VFX work. Advertising for Chrysler Motor Corp. and some TV stuff. It's a great feeling to move from the bedroom making things and take it to a wider audience

If you would like to feature on Creative Spotlight please drop me a line at (littlelolly90 at hotmail dot co dot uk)

Stay Amazing x