Survivors Guilt

As most of you know I'm in my final year at Uni studying Fine Art which means only one thing. The epic stress of a final project (*collective groan from all art students*) Because of the way my Uni works, in my course only the final year counts. Which means I have to work my butt off not to crash at burn and the last hurdle. I can't say I have done amazingly the last few years but I've scrapped by and not failed. Yet.

This year we have to write our own briefs and basically do everything ourselves. So I have decided to research into animal human relations. This does not mean beastiality as most people have thought (have got some funny looks for that one!) Basically I'm researching the way we use animals. For food, clothes, entertainment etc and also how we seem to have lost our connection to animals and how we can strive to re-connect with our fellow mammals. Now I know I sound a bit like an animal rights activist and think we should all turn vegan and get back to nature, but I'm not. I love to eat meat and I would never part with my leather boots. Don't get me wrong I love animals and I'm all for protecting them but this project is about the raw essence of human and animal nature. How we have grown apart from our forebears who lived in harmony and along side these fantastic creatures and how, somewhere along the road, we have come to fear them and try to control them. I'm focusing on the realization that animals aren't as dangerous as we think and we have totally underestimated them and put them on this lower level of existence than ourselves, when actually it is us that could learn a thing or two from them.

Because of the research I have been doing I have found some amazing artists and read some incredible stories which I would love to share with you all :) So probably tomorrow I'll start my first 'real' blog post and hopefully I can get into the swing of things again :)

I'm not too sure why I wrote this post, I just really felt like writing :P (The post heading was just the song I was listening to, It doesn't have anything to do with the post)

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