Artist Spotlight: Caitlin Hackett

This Artist Spotlight is on an artist I just recently came across whilst researching my project. Hackett's work, both the way she works and the content is exactly what I am interested in. I was so lucky to find her as her explanation of her work has made it so much easier for me to understand my own work. Here is the extract from her about me page at http://caitlinhackett.carbonmade.com/

"In my work I am exploring the relationship between humans and animals; the idea of the human denial of our animal nature and of humans as the dominant species, as well as the mutation of the animal created by the human interpretation of the animal. My work alludes to the boundaries that separate humanity from animals both physically and metaphysically, as well as the objectification of and personification of animals. I invent creatures, anthropomorphic, mutated, or pseudo mythical in imagery, using my imaginary world and bringing it into the physical world in an attempt to create a language that speaks about the human animal relationship and the natural and unnatural elements of it. I am faced with the fact that we live in a planet in decline, where almost every natural ecosystem in the world is slipping away. Human kind has created a planet of refugees; animals forced to flee ever farther from the insatiable encroachment of urban development, victims of a war for space which they cannot hope to win. My drawings refer to this decline and to the refugees it has created. I am left with the question of what is natural; are we (human beings) still a part of nature? If so, does that make all that we have created, cities, vehicles, factories, all technology, part of nature as well? As we move into an increasingly plastic, electronic, and robotic culture how can we define our own fundamental nature as the nature of the world around us changes and our metaphysical identity evolves into something beyond the human as an animal? As we separate from our animal nature, will we be able to still see and understand the importance of other animals and our relationship to them? As we are able to remove ourselves from our own physical bodies and to come to experience life through the metaphysical, the digital, and the psychic, how will this distance from our own bodies and the physical experience of the world affect our relationship with nature and the way we see creatures who exist completely within their physical bodies and are defined by their physical needs?

As my work evolves I am beginning to think more and more about the way in which people bestow identity and how, deprived of identity, animals are reduced to a kind of living taxidermy subject to human apathy and mutated by human ideals of beauty or monstrosity. I am telling a story about disappearance and the rapid and extravagant destruction of the human-animal, and how this loss of our animal nature is affecting the way human kind views the animal world.

I am describing these questions through the use of paper and ink in the form of life sized anthropomorphic creatures, which are installation pieces. Done entirely in ballpoint pen, ink, watercolor and colored pencil, these massive creatures are a balance between the power and physical presence of the life sized and the intensity of the dense, delicate, and time consuming detail of the ballpoint pen and ink. By installing these animals cut out on the walls they are released into our world and become characters that must be addressed in terms of our physical space, and must be granted an identity." (Caitlin Hackett)

Today I have been really ill :( all I've wanted to do was sleep but I had a seminar about essay writing! Was so boring and made me even more confused than I usually am. And the speaker sounded like Tony Robinson from Time Team! So tonight I'm going to order a take out and snuggle up on the sofa with a film...I love chill out nights :) I promise my artist posts will have a bit more to them but I'm too ill to think properly at the moment, I just really wanted to get one out

Till next time xox


Survivors Guilt

As most of you know I'm in my final year at Uni studying Fine Art which means only one thing. The epic stress of a final project (*collective groan from all art students*) Because of the way my Uni works, in my course only the final year counts. Which means I have to work my butt off not to crash at burn and the last hurdle. I can't say I have done amazingly the last few years but I've scrapped by and not failed. Yet.

This year we have to write our own briefs and basically do everything ourselves. So I have decided to research into animal human relations. This does not mean beastiality as most people have thought (have got some funny looks for that one!) Basically I'm researching the way we use animals. For food, clothes, entertainment etc and also how we seem to have lost our connection to animals and how we can strive to re-connect with our fellow mammals. Now I know I sound a bit like an animal rights activist and think we should all turn vegan and get back to nature, but I'm not. I love to eat meat and I would never part with my leather boots. Don't get me wrong I love animals and I'm all for protecting them but this project is about the raw essence of human and animal nature. How we have grown apart from our forebears who lived in harmony and along side these fantastic creatures and how, somewhere along the road, we have come to fear them and try to control them. I'm focusing on the realization that animals aren't as dangerous as we think and we have totally underestimated them and put them on this lower level of existence than ourselves, when actually it is us that could learn a thing or two from them.

Because of the research I have been doing I have found some amazing artists and read some incredible stories which I would love to share with you all :) So probably tomorrow I'll start my first 'real' blog post and hopefully I can get into the swing of things again :)

I'm not too sure why I wrote this post, I just really felt like writing :P (The post heading was just the song I was listening to, It doesn't have anything to do with the post)


Honey. I'm home!

So as you may have noticed I have bee slacking, or more accurately completely stopped, with the whole blogging thing. Truthfully I got a bit bored and didn't really have any clue where I wanted to go with the whole idea. I found my self struggling so hard to find things to blog about. I wasn't able to live up to, in my eyes, some of the blogs I follow and love, and I got a bit down I suppose that I wasn't able to 'compete.' So I was hovering over the delete button but I stopped my self at the last minute. I thought I'd probably want to start it back up again sometime and really couldn't be doing with the hassle of re-designing a whole blog, pathetic I know. So I took a few months away from it and just sorted my head/life/wardrobe out and now I'm back and rearing to go!!

A few things are gonna change around here and somethings wont. I'm currently studying Fine Art and I've just started my 3rd year (eeek!) so there wont be as many, if any, weekly features. I will try to keep 'Themed Thursday' as that is my favourite, but practically I can't commit to a weekly set thing. I just don't have the time! To keep my focused on my work, and to make me feel like I'm not procrastinating, a large amount of content will be art based. This will include things like features on artists I like, the work I'm currently working on, exhibition reviews, art book reviews, maybe if I'm lucky even some interviews.

I'm going to keep all the geekness and cuteness too :) I'll still post random things on Stargate and Starwars and those really cute pictures of cats sat in plant pots. I still want to share things that go on in my life and adventures that I get up to. I'm afraid that the outfit posts, for the time being, will be no more. Firstly because I just don't have the time right now and secondly because I still haven't replaced my camera lens (that still makes me cry!) Obviously I'll have photos of me wearing cloths daily so if any of them are suitable I might do a cheeky little post, but that is mainly off the agenda for now. I'm working on getting a blog designer to do a complete re-vamp of my little corner of the internet as I think I might of out grown it and need something different (If your interested or no someone who would be please hit me with an email)

So that is basically where I'm at right this second. I'm quite looking forward to getting back into it and already have a few posts lined up and truthfully......


(Here are a few pics of things I've been up to while I've bee away)

Here are my new flat mates!


I love them! I couldn't ask for a better bunch of folk!


This is me and my new hair! Long at the front, short at the back and pillar box red. I love it!