Away With The Fairies

Hey y'all! Sorry to have been gone so long but this last month I moved back to Uni (woop!) It's been a little hectic with moving all my, meeting new house mates (they are awesome!), sorting out my rent, going to all the meetings and going out for a boogie in the evening!! I'm going home this weekend for some R&R ready to properly start everything next week :) So far it's only been a week but I am enjoying my self so much more than 1st and 2nd year!! My house mates are fantastic and we all get on so well, I couldn't ask for better people to share a flat with. I have a feeling this year will be one of the best :D

I do realize this is my first post in god knows how long and I'm sorry but I just haven't had time :( Hopefully once I've sorted and got settled in to my course again I can start blogging for real (because I do miss it). I'll also have loads new art and exciting things to show you :)

Thanks for sticking with me and I promise the best is yet to come...you just might have to wait another week or two :)

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