Themed Thursday

Hello my lovely people!! This weeks Themed Thursday is tattoo's. I had a crazy dream the other night where I got a full leg tattoo...It was just black and white and had skulls and fire in it (not at all like me) but it really made me want a new tattoo! I already know what I want, I just need the money :( So I thought this week I'd show some of my favourite tats floating around the inter-web.

I love the style this and the pink roses are gorgeous. I would love to get one like this across my chest (maybe not as full though)

I love the whole composition of this tattoo.

This is such a cute tat!! Not really my thing but I just think it is so sweet!

This is fantastic! The hair is amazing, just blew my mind!

This is in the place that I'm getting my next tattoo. It wont be an octopus but this is still awesome :D

I really want a fantasy sleeve like this, a lot more girly than this but this is the general idea :)

This style is fantastic! The picture is not great but that faded hazy look is exactly what I want for my sleeve :)

I don't really like the content of this tat but I LOVE the colours!! They are amazing and I want my sleeve this bright.

I love chest pieces, everyone tells me that I shouldn't get one but I really want one. I probably never will but it is my secret desire :)

Do you have any tattoo's? If not what would you get and where?

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