Sci Fi Sunday

This week I was naughty and bought the 'Stargate SG1: The Ultimate Visual Guide' book. It's been sitting in my basket on Amazon for ages but I never could bring my self to actually buy it. I just always thought it was a bit too far to go in my obsession but in the end I didn't care :) It's so cool! I haven't read it all yet but I also haven't learnt anything new (I don't know if that's a good thing) apart from Colonel O'niell's blood type, and that my DHD replica is backwards :/ It came with a dvd full of behind the scenes stuff and interviews which I've watched. In the book they have a language section where you can learn Goa'uld!! I'm sooo doing that!! haha!! I also bought 'The Sewing Book' which is like the bible of stitches and sewing techniques, It's fantastic! I can't wait to sit at my sewing machine and try them out and actually be able make the things I want to make with the proper techniques :)

Today I have been nursing a slight hangover and achy jaw, so I've been sat at home in front of the telly all day just chilling out. Tomorrow I'm going to see a friends band play in the Matthew Street Festival. It should be a great day out and in the evening my family is finally taking me out for me birthday :)

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