Sci Fi Sunday

I have been lacking on my Sci Fi-ness of late. The Rise Of Planet of the Apes and Super 8 have been recent releases on big screen and I haven't seen either of them!! I keep making plans to see them but then something else comes up or its sold out so we have to go see Captain America...again :P So hopefully I'll be able to go see both this week cause I'll be quite upset if I don't see at least one of them! AND Cowboys and Aliens came out...I'm really falling behind! Might have to have a word with these film people and tell them to slow down a bit and let me catch up haha!

But this week something quite exciting happened! I finally ordered the Stargate SG1: The Ultimate Guide (eeeek)

(I hate it when you cant get a clear picture!!)

So I suppose the only logical thing to do would be to have a Stargate Sci-Fi Sunday :) This time round I'll post some behind the scenes stuff because I love to see how much fun it was to make, all though it does make me want to have been apart of it :( (all photos belong to MGM www.stargate.mgm.com I didn't take any of them all credit to the owner)

These are just from Seasons 8-10. I'll probably do another few with the other seasons at some point :) I've almost finished watching the whole thing again, I'm on season 8, I think I've watched it through about 5 times I think...I really need to get a new hobby :P

Well I'm off to bake some cupcakes! I hope every one has had a lovely weekend!!

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