Sci Fi Sunday

Oh My Goodness!! What an AWESOME film!! I went to see Captain America last Wednesday with my friend Hollie and boy o' boy did we enjoy that film :) I think Hollie had a pool of drool on her lap by the time the movie finished :P Chris Evans was fantastic as Captain America. The first half where he was a weak little man was just amazing. The effects were brilliant and he played the part really well. I loved the era it was set in. the 40's/50's are my favourite era for music, fashion and pretty much everything :) The costume was great and very 'romantic.'

The only bad thing really was the bad guy!! I love Hugo Weaving but he is awful at an German accent! The way they made him pretty much exactly like a comic bad guy should be was great and I'm glad they didn't try to modernize him, but the accent was just stupid!

I loved the fact that the one of the main characters and soldiers was a woman. She was stunningly beautiful and fiercely kick-ass too. I loved her character and her costume was just what I wish I could wear everyday :) And the fact that she got to work next to the extremely buff and gorgeous Chris Evans made me extremely jealous (but not as jealous as Natalie Portman working with Chris Hemswroth....ooof)

So full 100*'s from me :) I really enjoyed it and cant wait for the Avengers film next year!! That will be one good looking film :) I'm going to see Captain America again next week because I REALLY want to see it again!! FANTASTIC!

This week I'm going wedding dress shopping which I am so excited about!! eeeek!! I also have a few University things which need to be sorted out desperately so will have a very busy start to the week but I'ts gonna be fun so its fine :) Hope everyone has had a great weekend and will have a great week to come!

Have you seen Captain America? Whats your favourite decade for fashion/music/movies?

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