Horsing Around

This is on old day out that happened a few weeks ago that I forgot to post. My friend Helen took me to a horse stables because she needed some company while she took a friend for a riding lesson. We just waited around and messed around taking photos. I got to wear my brand new wellies for the first time!! They are so comfy and such a bargain. I wish they were a brighter colour so I think I might do a little DIY and colour them in :P We did get offered to ride the horse but I'm a little scared of horses so I didn't . The horses on this farm were really wierd looking, If anyone has seen 'The Last Unicorn'...that's what they looked like!!

Last night I went out with girls and ended up seeing some old friends and it was nice to catch up and have a boogie. I wasn't going to really drink much as I went out on Friday night too but I ended up drinking way too much!! I had such a good night and didn't have a hangover or anything this morning! BONUS! This week my dad and Sarah are going away for the week so I get to stay up late and watch Stargate on the big telly (oh the pleasures of a simple mind....)

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  1. i have an experience of riding a horse...i thougt it would be fun to ride a horse like in the movie..u know..haha...but i end up screaming all the time when riding it.i'm sure that is the last time i ride a horse...

    but u should try first!



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