Heaven is made of Lego

I went to Liverpool with my Nan the other day and I stumbled across this. A LEGO SHOP!! I was (and still am) in complete awe of this shop. It was like walking into a candy shop but instead of sweeties....it was lego bricks :D The walls were chock full of building goodies and It took all I had not to buy the £280 Death Star (My student finance would of been spent before I even get it!) The picture shows just the Star Wars section....it was immense! The whole back wall of the shop was like a pick'n'mix but with every kind of lego brick you can imagine...If your a Lego Lover like me I hope you appreciate the awesomeness that I've experienced. With my purse being full of moths at the moment I couldn't get an actual model but I did get 2 really cool lego man key rings for my new keys :)

Today has been such a beautiful sunny that when it suddenly started to thunder and lightning and absolutely pour down it was a bit of a shock. I tried to take photos but it was too dark so I had to use the flash. It was so cool cause the flash lit up the rain and it looked like snow! We just got the drains re-done so at least we know they work properly :P

Today was a great day. The whole family (minus one or two) got together for a BBQ. It was really special because we live all over the country and hardly ever get time do do things as a family (there are 27 of us) so to have most of us in one place is rare. We had a lot of fun laughing and eating delicious food. Recently I've been feeling really down and lonely, not my normal self at all, and to be surrounded by my family who have supported me in all my decisions (good and bad) was just so reassuring. The fact that no matter what happens my family will always stick by me and love me no matter what. I filled them in on what has been happening with me the last few months and the love and loyalty they showed me was just amazing, I love them all so much :D

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