Bookworm Monday (a little late)

This week I read another chick-lit....I think I might have gone a little over board because I usually hate these kind of books but have read like 5 in a row! Take A Chance On Me was quite good. Just a nice story. Defiantly the better of the one's I've read. The characters seemed to evoke way more emotion in me than the other books. I really hated and loved the characters and wanted the horrible people to get whats coming to them and the nice people to have things go right for them! The end was a little rushed and felt like the author realized that she needed to end it so just....ended it.

So yeh, very good book but I think I need a break from the chick-lit now :) so I'm going back to my roots and bought a fantasy book the other day!!

I know your not supposed to judge a book by its cover but the cover was the only reason I picked this book up!! I love the style and there's something about a horse on a fantasy book cover that just says to me 'this book is going to be epic!' I started to read it last night and I'm about 3 chapters in and already someone is dead and an epic quest has begun. It promises magic, adventure and a great story that last 4 books! (eeek!) I'm so looking forward to reading this series!!

I best be off anyway. I'm out for tea with Stevie-pops and Sarah :)

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