Bath Time

Yesterday we had a fun time bathing the pigs. They were so dirty from being out in the garden all summer that we just had to give them a good scrub. Needless to say they hated it :P They defiantly are not water Guinea Pigs. They were sliding and scrambling it was so funny to watch them. They really weren't happy when dad got the shower out and rinsed them off!! We wrapped them up in towels after so they wouldn't get cold and they got so fluffy. They looked like little fluff balls. There probably dirty again already seen as they were in the run today. I don't think they'll be wanting to have a bath again any time soon though :P

It's exactly two weeks till I go back to uni!! I'm so excited about going back and actually getting to live on my own (but with other people) again. No matter how much I love being home and being around my family and friends I do love living on my own and fending for myself. I also cant wait to start arting again. I have so many ideas for my 3rd year that I have no idea what to do!! I need to do some serious thinking in the next two weeks!!

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